23 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
Best tour, best people, best lunch. I had a beautiful time on mr ba’s tour! A very relaxed atmosphere. Monkey island hike was exactly the kind of hike I love the most. The tour guides made us feel super comfortable to go at our own pace and as far as we felt comfortable. The kayaking was so nice had the option to follow guides to the secret caves and arches, or to go off on explore on your own. This was nice as you could see some of the other tour groups were given less freedom in this part of the tour. The Lunch was sooooo yummy ! Delicious food and lots of it ! We then got to go swimming and this was nice and relaxed. Got to enjoy jumping into the water from the boat. But no pressure to do so. If you wanted to climb in from the ladder you could also do this. Or just lie on the deck and chill. Over all we were looked after very well and I’m so happy that I chose the Alibaba tour! The guides were native English speakers but knew a lot about the bay’s. And very fun to hang out with. The Crew were very nice and smiley local guys, was a pleasure to meet them. 10 stars from me ! Deffinately book this tour !
Kate V
13 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
Reliable tour. Having been to cat ba and Ha long bay before I didn't really want a tour that did the cave tours and so many of the forced activities. However this tour surprised me in being perfect for just that. The fishing village was a slow drift by glance, the kayaking wasnt too extensive, the swimming had an option to just climb in off the boat rather than be watched jumping from teh top deck. Overall it was a very relaxed experience where I got what I wanted out of it. I think the lunch was a little overcrowded, and I assume the price for the tour had greatly differed between different tourists. Overall good. And despite leaving the boat multiple times none of our belongings were moved or take or anything dodgy.
12 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
Very good boattrip. I would repeat the tour any day. We went on the daytrip from 8 am until 5 pm. The tour was well organized with a good lunch and cold beer to buy. ”Ba” the captain was informative and created a good atmosphere on board. The monkeys on Monkey island are kind of harassing, especially if you have bags with you since they want food. Dont feed them. Bring swimingsuit since the boat will stop at a place after lunch were you can swim. Thank you Ba and the crew.
11 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
Reasonable price. The tour cost us 350,000pp. We were told to meet at Sea Dragon for 7.50, pickup at 8am. The mini bus finally arrived at 8.30am. When we booked the tour, the day before, the man told us that about 15 people had booked on so far and a total of 30 people would be on the boat (max capacity). When we arrived at the boat, there was at least 50 of us on board. The boat was big enough to accommodate us all, it would just have been nice to know it was a large tour, not a small one, as expected. We sailed around to Monkey beach and climbed up a mountain to a view point. This was hardwork, trainers were needed, as there were sharp rocks and sheer cliffs. Lovely view, but when trying to come down, another tour had started to make their way up which made it very difficult and very unsafe. We then sailed to a place that we all kayacked. This was lovely and we had a good hour on the kayak. Lunch included; rice, fish, fried salad, spring rolls, tofu and scrambled egg. There was plenty for everyone. We then sailed on to a place that we were told was good for snorkelling. It was very cloudy water. The description also says about a beach (see photo) the beach was big enough for about 5 people. We then took a sail back to the harbour and through some more of Lan Ha Bay. Arrived back at the harbour at 4.30. Overall, good day out.
Maxence C
07 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
Good boat trip. We had a pleasant time during this one day boat trip with Alibaba's tour. Mr Ba is a very nice, helpful and friendly person! Activities like monkey Island, kayaking, and swimming were great. We really had a great time and the price wasn't expensive (15$/person).