Christiane Siedau
24 Jan 2020 on SeekSophie
Warm Welcome in the Borneo Nature Sukau Bilit Resort, good Good, cute People. Greetings to Fredoline Uning, he and his Collegue helpfull and cute. Greetings Christiane Siedau
Eva Schnedl
01 Jan 2020 on SeekSophie
Clara A
19 Jul 2019 on Tripadvisor
My 13 yr old daughter and I spent 3 wonderful days at the resort, with very friendly staff, very good food, nice and clean rooms. Our excellent guide Abol took us on boot trips and morning and evening walks and we saw plenty of animals. Thank you for this unforgettable experience. Clara
e_lexx, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
12 Jul 2019 on Tripadvisor
This place literally starved me. I asked in advance of they seemed vegetarian food, and they said they did, but I'm really they do not. I did the same amount of walking and activities as the meat eating guests, got up at the same time, used the same energy etc and paid the same price. But i was forced to live off the side salad that was served to the meat eaters. I was starving hungry and there was nowhere to go. They did offer at one point to ask the chef to make me something, and i asked what he could make. They didn't reply. They have no idea how to look after vegetarian guests. We wanted to book an extra night but i was so hungry after 3 days of eating chopped onion and plain beans or mashed potato with mayo in it (gross) that we left. See my upload pics of the meals. Meat eaters got a choice of 2 hearty curries, not a couple or raw side veg without sauce. The soup was also zero calories, literally flavorless water with a few semi cooked veg in it. Just awful, but also dangerous given people might go for several days at a time. I had zero protein all stay. If you want to go to a lodge with wildlife around it, use google maps to locate one in the forest. This place has nice rooms (despite smelling strongly of mould) but is hemmed in by a village on one side, palm oil plantations to the other, and only has a small area of second grade forest around it, so other than pesky macaques you won't see anything much on your walks. Many are suspended by virgin jungle for the same price and might actually feed you! The boat rides were ok but the guide didn't spot much. We speak malay, so heard him telling another guide he didn't have any data on his phone, so he couldn't find it where the wildlife had been spotted. We did get lucky as another boat told him the elephants were downstream and we followed his boat to see them. If he hadnt come to tell us, we would have missed it. The strategy would've been ok we're it not for the lack of food though. It's simply not ok to pretend you cook vegetarian meals then let them watch the meat eaters enjoy several dishes with hot water and their side veg.
Mebby12, Liverpool, United Kingdom
12 Jul 2019 on Tripadvisor
I visited in July with 2 other friends (23years old) and it was fantastic start to finish. Pick up in sepilok was prompt and well organised. The lodge itself was brilliant, clean room and comfy beds (6 bed dorm 6 girls we knew). Good communal space - beware of monkeys/bats but gives good jungle experience. The staff we so lovely and couldnt do enough for you day and night. They served the buffet and planned the jungle walks and river cruises. Spoke good english and were full of knowledge and information on the local wildlife. They really went above and beyond to help us see crocodiles, orangutans, slow loris etc and we couldnt be happier! One member of staff ‘Ryan’ took us to his village and helped us plant trees in the forrest - this was great to see the village life on the river. The food was buffet and there was plenty of it. Overall great experience, loads to do and great value for money. Also time to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet and drink tea in the calming environment. We were lucky with what we saw but this was just a bonus to the already fantastic trip (3day 2 night). Thank you to all the staff and hope to come back again so Alex can remain Limbo champion (of the guests)