darchbold, UK
14 Aug 2019 on TripAdvisor
We did one night on the boat in Halong Bay, and were accompanied by our guide Tin Tin the whole time. In general it was fine, and Halong Bay itself was beautiful. They were not initially accommodating for vegetarians and nut allergies, which were confirmed well in advance. For what we paid we felt that it was bad value for money. We felt watched by the whole crew all the time and the only place to relax in the evening was in your room. At 10pm they switched off the lights on the deck and in the dining quarters with no warning. We couldn’t then sit in the dining room as this was where the staff slept, but was the only place with WiFi. The staff not having beds made us uncomfortable. Their timings are very off, for example we were told on the bus the toilet stop was 30 mins away but was actually 90 mins. He didn’t say how long to kayak for which was confusing as you can go in any direction and quite far from the boat. The room was ok but there were insects everywhere. Air con was not great but live-able. We felt very pressured to give a tip, they gave us an envelope labelled tips. They then watched to see if anyone put money in, very few on the boat did. Drinks are very expensive, bring your own. For every beer/soft drink you pay an additional $1.5 service charge, and you don’t get a glass or ice. The pearl farm was a pleasant surprise and most the activities were enjoyable.
J3nnE, Italy
13 Aug 2019 on TripAdvisor
We were picked up from our hotel in Hanoi around 8.30 and headed for Halong. Unfortunately along the way we had to stop to have an issue with the exhaust fixed on the bus. We arrived to a little garage along the busy roads and waited around 30mins for the issue to be fixed. We arrived with 14 people and were split across Rosa Cruise and Rosa Boutique. I'm not sure what the difference in boats is as I did not see an option when booking. Everything was very organised, we visited a pearl farm, went kayaking and swimming off the boat which was all great fun. We had a quick cooking lesson in the morning after a visit to the caves. Drinks are not included on the boat but are still cheap prices in comparison to our home country. Water is given on the bus to and from and small bottles in the room. The cabins are big enough but we did have a lot of bugs in the cabin. There were also a lot of blood stains on the linen from previous guests (photo attached) and overall the cabin was not very clean. The landscape is incredible around the bay so overall we enjoyed it very much. It would be difficult not to enjoy it with stunning scenery like that! The top has an open and shaded area to enjoy both.
ashimkmr, Vietnam
31 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
Our guide Tinh, was full of information and support throughout our time together. He worked hard to look after our diverse needs and did so in good humour. The crew on the boat also worked hard to serve us a variety of different dishes and meet any other needs we may have had. We were offered a range of activities on board including kayaking, swimming, squid fishing, Tai Chi and so on; ensuring that we were kept fully occupied when not looking at the marvellous scenery and visiting some huge caves. Strongly recommend the 24 hour cruise to all; including young families. Enjoy !
23 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
Our guide Linh was funny and always on time. I loved the kayaking and swimming (jumping from the boat) while the sun was setting. I enjoyed the traditional squid fishing and learning how to make spring rolls, which we then had for lunch. The food was great overall. The rooms were nice and clean and there are a lot of nooks on board where you can sit down and enjoy the incredible views. Recommend! 10/10
20 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
Rosa cruise was a fun trip for me and my friends! The activities such as Kayaking were amazing! The hosts were very attentive with drinks and information. Each day they run through your itinerary to ensure you don’t miss out! They were very quick to answer questions and adapted well to my dietary requirements. I would highly recommend this trip to families or if you’re travelling with friends! Thankyou.