28 Nov 2019 on TripAdvisor
My daughter and I have lived a amazing experience. Our trekking with Sapa Sisters was fantastic and one of the highlights of our trip in Vietnam. Kern, our guide, was so pretty, funny and professional. However, Kern managed to accommodate the trek about our differents conditions physic. She gave us a lot of informatios about the country, people.... We was slepping to her mother’house local, we had shared the dishes and the hospitality was so nice. Thanks so much, i fully recommend planning your trekking with Sapa Sister, Veronique
28 Nov 2019 on TripAdvisor
Our trekking experience with Sapa Sisters was absolutely fantastic and one of the highlights of our trip. Our trekking guide Gom was sweet, funny and very good at her job. We were a very difficult group of 5, with people of different ages, physical conditions and trekking capabilities/expectations. However, she managed to accomodate our needs at all times. We had an amazing experience in Sapa and it was mostly because of her. She took us to amazing viewpoints and landscapes, often avoiding touristy trails and separating our group when necessary. Also, she interacted with us with full openness and answer all our questions about her culture (and the region of Sapa) and became more and more close to us. Other than that our experience with Sapa Sisters, a Hmong women-owned business, was very good, both in the office in Sapa City and in the homestays during the trek. The region is beautiful both landcape- and people-wise. I fully recommend planning your trekking with Sapa Sisters, even if it is a bit more expensive than other companies (also taking into account that you are investing in the local tribes and not a major tourism company). If you can, ask for Gom to be your guide, she will make your experience even better!
nabilamo, Australia
27 Nov 2019 on TripAdvisor
Sapa Sisters provide a unique experience. Our trek was just perfect in every possible way. Our guide 'Little Chi' was amazing. She respected our level of fitness and took us around three different villages where the trekking was easy and not too strenuous. She was patient and very accommodating with stops and pictures. Little Chi's English was not just scripted like many tour guides. We had amazing conversations and we learnt so much about the culture and her family. We even got to meet her husband and her little son, Bao. Which made the experience even better. I know a lot of people would say they are expensive, but trust me it's worth the money. I would highly recommend Sapa Sisters.
Jl234x, Pennsylvania
26 Nov 2019 on TripAdvisor
My wife and I signed up for the 3 day 2 night trek. Sapa Sisters were easy to deal with, responsive, and helpful throughout booking. We liked the company and our guide spoke great English and was a good companion. Our stay our Zhao’s house was pleasant, though cold (we brought warm clothing, but of course that meant carrying more weight). For the trek, there were many positives: some beautiful views, a unique and up close look at another way of life and amazing landscapes. However, from the beginning the path was extremely wet, muddy, slippery, and dangerous, even though it was not raining. We had heard about the mud but assumed we would be ok in November, the dry season, but it would be safer to assume it is wet all the time (after all, they are growing rice here for a reason). Our guide did not sufficiently warn us or adapt to our abilities, and said our shoes were not good or that we were not good hikers. Maybe, but we have hiked all over the world and brought our tried and true hiking boots and poles, and not only fell but had several near falls that could have been very serious. As it stands, we got muddy and some local women helped us stay upright (for a price, which we were happy to pay), but we feel fortunate not to have been injured. Others on our trek, also very experienced hikers, commented similarly that the trek was dangerous and the paths were not appropriate to market for trekking. Even the concrete roads in the villages were extremely slick. In retrospect we were surprised that so few of the reviews mentioned these conditions. We’re ultimately glad we came because the landscape is unique, but you will invest a not insignificant amount of time, money, and travel to get here, and you should weigh those factors in addition to the question, what happens if I end up breaking a leg here?
Albatross8, England
22 Nov 2019 on TripAdvisor
Set up in 2009 by two ladies from the local villages as they were not being paid by the tour companies they were guiding for. Now run only by local people using ladies from the local villages as guides. All your money goes back into the Comunity. We had a great day with Pen walking through some amazing scenery while she told us allot about her life in great English. One down side is that the litter is starting to build up in these villages. You can see they are making an effort in some areas but they need a more concerted effort if they want to preserve the natural beauty of the area and to keep the tourists pouring in.