Kayla Nguyen
03 Jan 2019 on Google Reviews
Amazing experience. The staff are phenomenal. They made it so easy to book and take care of everything. Our trek guide was above and beyond - her English was extremely good and she taught us so much about the local culture. The homestay was very authentic and the host was wonderful. The food they cooked us was delicious. The staff in the office are very hospitable, and provide you hot showers and a baggage store area for before or after your trip. HIGHLY recommended!
Doug Moss
19 Dec 2018 on Google Reviews
We did their fabulous “Terrace View” 14km walk from Sapa town down the H’mong Hoa valley through Lao Chai village to Ta Van village, and then we took their minibus back up to Sapa. A nice lunch at Lao Chai was included in the price. Many wonderful photo opportunities with beautiful terraced rice paddies, mountains, steams & rivers, villagers & quaint villages. Our guide Lue spoke good English. Well worth doing, plus O’Chau is organized for the benefit of Sapa minorities, so this trek is thoroughly recommended.
Leah Crews
16 Dec 2018 on Google Reviews
My boyfriend and I went on the "off the beaten track" 2 day trek. This was such an amazing experience and our favourite part of our entire trip to Vietnam. Sapa O'Chau originally told us that it would be just us and our guide as no one else had signed up, but asked us if we were open to other people joining. We were okay with that and on the day of our hike two other people were placed with us and Sapa O'Chau staff easily refunded our money since it was a lower price for a group of four than we had paid for just the two of us. We all really enjoyed our guide Cho (sorry if I am misspelling his name). He was easy to talk with and happily answered our many questions about the area and locals. The sights on this hike were unbelievable! It was foggy in some parts, but this didn't hinder the beauty of the scenery. We had another group from Sapa O'Chau join us at the homestay and there were nine of us in total who stayed the night. We had fun getting to know other travellers and the family we stayed with were lovely and welcoming. We were taught how to make rice paper rolls. We were very happy to learn about the many ways Sapa O'Chau benefits local communities and glad that we experienced Sapa with such a responsible and ethical company.
Marina Contreras Ortega
09 Dec 2018 on Google Reviews
We made the 1 day terrace view. The walk was nice and so our guide. We chose the company because of the social labor they’re doing. One thing to improve from the company was they didn’t tell us in advance the most convenient shoes to wear given the trail we were making and weather conditions. Second thing was that a woman who didn’t work for the company came with us to help us along the way, our guide said. When we got to the restaurant she tried to sell us handmade souvenirs three times more expensive than in the souvenir shops. It was so uncomfortable.
Jenny Foster
07 Dec 2018 on Google Reviews
We took the 'Off the beaten track' 2-day tour with our friendly, fun and knowledgeable guide through the Sapa rice fields. It was a great experience and we got to learn about the local culture and stay with a family along the way. It was a bit foggy when we went but that didn't really take away from the experience (just the views!) Make sure to take a jacket as it can get a bit chillier at night. Highly recommended.