08 Apr 2019 on TripAdvisor
It was our first time surfing and our instructor put us out in the big waves to learn whilst we saw the other newbies surfing the white wash. Our instructor was not the best at teaching and was fairly impatient when we did not get up that often. Probably would recommend for more experienced surfers. Also would recommend only doing 1 surfing lesson a day.
23 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
I had such a wonderful time with freedom surfing school, that I stayed much longer than I expected. My instructor Sahan was a great teacher,very professional and patient and thanks to him I gain so much confidence in surfing. You can tell that these guys really care that you'll learn to surf properly, and they take their job very seriously. If you're looking for a place where you could get the proper tools and really learn how to surf by yourself in the end, this is the place for you. Besides that, the atmosphere is just lovely and this place really felt like home. Highly recommended !!! Thank you so much guys :)
irwdubai, Vietnam
24 Feb 2019 on TripAdvisor
I stayed for five days in Weligama and booked in advance to stay in the Freedom Surf Villa - having my accommodation and lessons all with one company made life simple and therefore more enjoyable. A very warm welcome, great directions and refreshingly cold drinks made my arrival perfect after being met by the owners. Lessons were flexible and planned day by day with my individual instructor, Gayan and the instruction consisted of much more technical and analytical coaching rather than just shouting "get up" as each wave arrived. The boards and rash-vests were of a good standard and the school appeared to be one of the busiest, most professional and best branded on the beach with still being very good value. I did find it enjoyable although hard work and managing to progress to standing on to a hard board was satisfying. I would recommend you bring suitable gear (to cover upper legs and forearms) to minimise rash and discomfort as experienced by other learners. The Villa was set in a quiet part of town which was only 10 minutes walk from the beach/school and had a nice communal atmosphere without feeling like a hostel. En-suite bathrooms and private outside area were appreciated as was the well made and user-friendly mosquito nets over the bed. Daily breakfast consisted of smoothie bowls freshly prepared each morning. Everything was clean - towels and laundry service available..Bottled water available from a dispenser so bring a water bottle with you to save on plastic.
T9899AStimb, United Kingdom
23 Feb 2019 on TripAdvisor
I came to Weligama hoping to get away from it all and had a great time! I stayed for three weeks at the Freedom Surf Villa and went out with the surf school every day. Leomi and Ruwan couldn't have been more welcoming and the villa felt like a home away from home. The guys took me out a few times to some great bars and restaurants and introduced me to their friends, which as a solo traveller is always much appreciated. The villa is in a quiet spot a short walk out of town and I loved walking down to the beach as the sun was coming up. The view along the river from the bridge is stunning. I always liked to stop for a few moments to take in the sounds of buddhists chanting or the muslim call to prayer, it's very atmospheric. When I was there (October/November) it was fairly quiet with the season just starting so there were enough waves in Weligama bay for everyone without it getting too busy. A big advantage here is it's cheap enough that I could afford one to one tuition/guiding and so was able to visit some other nearby breaks along the coast. I'd thoroughly recommend doing this, whizzing along in a tuk tuk with your board strapped to the roof is a pretty fun way to dry off after the beach. I found the locals super friendly, pretty much everyone would greet me with a smile as a wandered around. If you ever get the chance to visit, in my humble opinion, it's well worth it!
hrzm93, United Kingdom
20 Feb 2019 on TripAdvisor
A beautiful spot for beginners surfing was ruined by the owner/manager of this establishment who refused to believe the times we return from surfing to get more money from us. A real shame as it gave a bitter after taste to an otherwise fantastic experience.