05 Apr 2019 on TripAdvisor
I was travelling alone and some friends of mine recommended Surf´n Lanka so I decided to go there. Acutally I wanted to stay just for a couple of days but ended up for more than two weeks because everything was perfect. They were all so nice and I felt like home from the first day. I already had a few surf lessons before but I have to say that these were one of the best! I learned so much and the lessons were really proffesional and so motivating. I can highly recommend this place and will definitely come back!
pmsagor, Bangladesh
31 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
I stayed there as some of my other friends already booked beforehand. I am happy with my experience in Surf'n'Lanka. Manju is a polite guy and his team worked very hard to make sure we had a pleasant stay. I took one lesson which was the basic stuff, but given this was my first time on a surf board I'd say I am overall satisfied with the quality and the attitude of the instructors.
Aniethi T
31 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
I was already two times at Surf’N Lanka and always booked the 1 week surf package in November 2018 and February 2019. The accomodation has everything you need for a good surf vacation and Manju and his family are great and helpful hosts! I loved the Sri Lankan authentic local dishes at dinner time and the special Sri Lankan breakfast will be offered from time to time if a group of guests requests. The surf camp is so comfortably close to the surf spot - directly across the street! This surf camp is the place to be to learn surfing in a short time. Due to the licensed surf teacher Manju (one of the first surf teachers in Weligama) and the long term experience of his team, which put high value on technical perfection in individual coachings, I could see that Newbies could make fast and great progress (catching small green waves on their own after 5 days!). Also the same experienced surfers come to Surf’N Lanka again and again as they like to precise and perfect their technique and skills. I am thankful to find this surf camp as I came as a beginner with my softboard and did not even know how to catch a wave. At Surf’ N Lanka I could catch green waves with a smaller funboard on my third day.
31 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
We were lucky to have some very good surf teachers during our "surf career" up to now. But nothing compares to Manju! I never met someone who teaches with that much passion and technical knowledge. His explanations and instructions are very plausible. But it is not only his theoretical and practical knowledge and his ability to transport it with a lot of fun to his students. He also has a special feeling for people - how they feel and what their body and mind needs for the next step. I always was a bit afraid of bigger waves. I felt them to be something threatening. Manju could see from my body language and my radiance, if I felt well or uncomfortable. During our stay of about 10 days, Manju managed to make me think of the ocean as a playground, a big pool with waves as toys to play with, while keeping a tiny bit of respect. I am so thankful for that!! Despite from the surf experiences, Surf'n'Lanka is very nice place to stay. There is a 6 days - package with surf lessions, accommodation, breakfast and dinner for a very good price compared to other options you can get at Weligama. Even without the package, its worth to sign in for the dinner, because it is very delicious! The places consist of two houses with one garden in between, whereas the house in the backyard is a bit quieter. Rooms with mosquito net do have the advantage in hot days, that windows can be left open during the night. Rooms are well equipped and the recently renovated bathrooms are very very nice! There is a nice common area with a big table, sofas, some birds and a turtle :) You will meet members of Manjus family, who live in the front house, from time to time, which gives the stay a familial touch. Highly recommended! For surf trips as well as for a relaxing stay a the beach. We will come back for sure in the near future!!
iGonnaTravelWorld, Poland
30 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
It’s 5th year in row I am coming back again to Manju and Surf’n Lanka. Friends, who came with me for a 1st time, were so much satisfied and loved it that wanna come back themselves again. Returning people is the best sign of quality. Manju is evolving continuously form year to year, improving everything starting from rooms, garden and food and up to the boards and t-shirts for his surfing students . His beach place is the only unique one - he is the only one who did not cut all the trees there but coexist naturally, with care of both nature and his visitors comfort - it will be hard to find another natural shadow on the bay with same comfort conditions for chilling after the session or just waiting for your partner or kids, but only here. Do not let yourself buy load tinkering and almost literally catching your hand with typical ‘wanna surf sir?” from other so-called schools nearby - most of them appeared as mushrooms after their rain seeing the success of Surf’b Lanka. Manju and his team are not screamers, his voice is soft and low, but clear and distinguished. He does not need to shout - when any conflict happens on the bay or village - it’s never about this place, but all other ‘surf businessmen’ are literally running to Manju for an advice and judgement. The respect others show to him is so noticeable, and there is no surprise - he has built his place and reputation from the scratch with his own abilities, while there were yet no others. Keep in mind that Manju is the only internationally certified local surfing instructor there and so he keeps the quality of his team instructors high. You can always say any your concern to him, and he will make sure to improve. His mission is not just to push you so you can stand-up and take a picture in white water , but to make you really love surfing , enjoy green waves , get a full control and want to come back to the activity later again, and evolve. You may either just stay in his place and surf on your own or buy a packet with training sessions or jus walk-in for occasional surf lesson(s) or to rent a board. There is just no another school on the bay with same quality. Others may buy followers with chit-chats, music, cocktails, ‘beer form under the shelf’ as nobody of them has a license, even drugs, but only surf’n Lanka - with Quality, respect, care and calm you deserve and need while on your vacations.