22 Aug 2019 on Tripadvisor
We take lesson of surf with Chandra and Antonio. They were very nice with us and very professional. Good wave. I highly recommend Chandra surfing Bali !
dragnar, France
20 Aug 2019 on Tripadvisor
My wife and I spent a few hours learning how to surf with Chandra. This has been one of the highlights of our trip thanks to a friendly, professional teacher helping us every step of the way. Chandra has been excellent from the outset, offering transparent fair prices and an accurate description of what we would be getting. After 10 minutes of on the ground training, showing us the beginner moves, we went straight to the water with Chandra who helped us get acclimated to the board and the waves. Chandra corrected our moves and postures and held the board to put us in the easiest/best position to get a wave. Once we became more confortable, he invited us to be a bit more autonomous while kepping an eye on us. Chandra has been ver friendly, pedagogical and helpful during the entire process. It was a great pleasure to meet him and learn to surf with him. Had we had more time, we would definitely have subscribed to one of his several days packages where you can mix learning how to surf and tanning on his sun beds for a few days. I'll note that Chandra was also cheaper than the nearest competition and very well located if you want to learn how to surf (I tried the next day by myself in another location with bigger wavew... let's say it was not ideal...). Very much recommended if you want to spend a couple hours learning how to surf having fun or for a few days if you are more serious about it.
482louisac, Australia
19 Aug 2019 on Tripadvisor
We were recommended by my sister to use Chandra for surfing lessons and I will never use anyone else from now on. Chandra is patient, attentive and informative with our two girls aged 7and 9. I cannot recommend him highly enough!! Nor can I speak highly enough of his photographer. His skills are on point AND Chandra airdropped me ALL of the images he took straight away. Thank you Chandra, for a wonderful first time experience for my girls and surfing. Cannot wait to come back next year and see you all again :)
Nhat L, Vietnam
15 Aug 2019 on Tripadvisor
We had a 2 hour surfing lesson with Antonio and Daddy who took great care of teaching us how to stand on the surfboard and got some amazing photos to show off. It is at a great price, about 50% of what other places would charge.
Sivkva, Norway
09 Aug 2019 on Tripadvisor
Great fun! And great and nice instructors! All four of us were standing on the board after just a short period of time - mom and three teenagers! Of course it helped being snowboarders from Norway, but anyhow the foundation is quite different... Reasonable pricing. Highly recommended!