Suezb14, Kalamazoo
03 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
Do Not Use this company unsafe From start to end it was an UNPROFESSIONAL DISASTER! Pay for tour when arrive by card at office across from where we were staying but they were closed. When opened they didn’t have power to card machine to pay (tv on in front window though) sent to an office, had to pay for a taxi to get there, and then no card machine to pay had to call someone to get it... Day of trip picked up on time but then sat in van for 20 minutes at another hotel where guests never came. At boat dock barely any direction and sat in hot boat for 30 minutes until anyone/guide said anything. Make sure to pack snacks and a breakfast as not included for morning and lunch is very minimal of rice and vegetables a forkful of noodles and a scary looking piece of chicken that no one on our boat ate, afternoon snack was a banana and cracker packet-food situation was sad for an $80+ tour. Wasteful plastic water bottles plenty though. Guide never gave any information on anything... Made it to Padar-hike on own Pink Beach-but not the real pink beach a different one -this one still had tons of people which he claimed is why we didn’t go to the “real pink beach” Komodo park -ok dragons hang out near the trash and bathrooms and they don’t tell you until on tour that it’s mating season and not many around... Beautiful blue and white beach for 30 minute swim The other boat from the company with us got beached/ tide went out and they got stuck in the middle of the ocean sandbar and our boat went back to try and help(of course you don’t want others to be left stranded in middle of ocean and you want to help but maybe send another boat out instead)... we ended up braking part of our boat motor, didn’t get to see last two spots on itinerary, piled the other 20 people into our boat which made it EXTREMELY UNSAFE and gave one sorry with no information after making boat conditions unsafe! No compensation or offer to see other two spots the following day ( Manta point which people wanted to see and snorkel at-paid to do on the tour) . Everyone was asking questions and they just said No to every suggestion and still no apologies and not caring or trying to make it right! They do not care because they already have your money! It was a scary and unsafe boat ride back! Not our fault they have a inexperienced captain that beached a boat and then we all have to pay the price! Many other tour operators to go with! AVOID this company!
atashi_lei_des, London, United Kingdom
02 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
Rinca Island and Sunset Tour The correspondence was via email. They were very accommodating when informed of sudden changes in our flight times. They picked us up in the airport. We were just my friend and I on the boat so the tour feels personalized. We were lucky there were 2 tourism interns on our tour and these our 2 extra support for us who is not used to hiking. We hiked Kelor Island first. Very steep hill. Better first as the short hike in Rinca becomes much easier. Our boat broke down during the flying foxes viewing but the captain and crew are good repairmen as well so all is good.
Iesha C
16 Jun 2019 on TripAdvisor
Different Boat We booked the sunset cruise in anticipation of watching the sunset and bats from the pontoon boat as advertised. They picked us up in a small speed boat instead. It made it very difficult for all of us to enjoy watching the bats from the boat. I asked our guide Freddie if the full day tour we had reserved for the next day would be on the pontoon boat. He simply said he wasn’t sure yet. We cancelled the next days tour because a full day on a crowded hot speed boat would not be worth the money or relaxing. I attached a photo of the boat. Otherwise the tour was fine because the animals and landscape are beautiful.
sapikuu, Jakarta, Indonesia
12 Jun 2019 on TripAdvisor
A half day trip We had a breathtaking view along the way to Kelor, Menjerite Island, Rinca and kalong beach. The things is we were in a small group of five people, we did not have enough snacks. Actually, At the beginning they offered 2 boxes of full snacks with 4 or 5 different kinds after we snorkling in menjerite island. We only ate for one or two. After Rinca, we got a little bit hungry, but the left over snacks only banana and potato, the rests had already gone. the boat that they offered in the beginning is totally different than the actual one, which was smaller one and there is no laddle. We have a difficulty to get back to the boat while we were snorkling in Menjerite Island. The laddle in Jetty there was quite hard to go up from the sea. I hit my feet to the wood at stairs of the Jetty few times. Cause, they tried to pull me up from jetty. Also, The snorkling gear was not including FIN. When we did snorkling in menjerite island, the stream is a little bit hard and there was lots of sea urchin. I think it would be more safety that they also provide fin for snorkling gear. My suggestion they should be more organized and prepared for any activities that they offered. The price is not worthed with what they offered. But the journey and the views was really great.
Peteclark87, Portsmouth, United Kingdom
22 May 2019 on TripAdvisor
Very good trip We went on the sunset tour. Communication beforehand was excellent. On the day we were collected from the hotel on time and taken to another hotel where the office is based, and waited for about an hour in total before the boat arrived. We had a great time, didn't feel rushed at any point except not wanting to leave the bats at the end! We had been concerned that "snacks" wouldn't be enough for a 7-hour trip, but it was plenty (coming from someone who needs regular feeds!!). There were some technical issues with the boat but the crew sorted these quickly and we didn't feel concerned. Overall we had a great day.