06 Jul 2018 on TripAdvisor
Exploration journey We had an amazing day today during the Exploration journey at MadeInItaly The Boat. We were well taken care of by Dita and her team. We were welcomed with some bread and fresh fruit. We were the only ones on the boat which was a bonus. After some snorkeling we had an amazing fresh seafood pasta. Wow, Wow, Wow!! The whole day was very relaxed. The boat is very luxurious and comfortable and we enjoyed a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc while the sun set. This was a highlight on our honeymoon and a day we will never forget.
Natura resort and spa, naturaresort
26 Jun 2018 on TripAdvisor
Just superb! This cruise was by far the most thrilling and best experience we had in Komodo over our entire stay. We were whisked off to this beautiful island on an amazing cruise. There was fruit and drinks on board for starter, on lunch we got Italian food. They also have good selection of wines that you can enjoy. It takes about 9 hours trips, its worth it! Breathtaking beautiful and snorkeling experience is mind blowing. The crew members were friendly and professional, thanks again to the smiley and helpful crew who have made our trip unforgettable. We definitely recommend this cruise if you were in Komodo.
supersizemee, Shanghai, China
17 Jun 2018 on TripAdvisor
Amazing experience, highly recommended We booked the Exploration Journey with MadeInItaly (The Boat to Rinca Island and Bats Island). During the booking they were very responsive and gave us a lot of information. When we arrive on The Boat, they gave us a small tour on board. At the back of the boat there is comfortable couch (most of the time we relaxed there), on the front there is the dining area with outward facing seats to take in the stunning views. Behind the dining area is a bar with many refreshments on hand. In the bathroom there is shower with fresh water, as well as a deck shower. On the roof there is also a pleasant sun deck to lay down and relax. After that they start to go to Rinca Island and need about 2.5 hours to there, during the sail they serve fresh fruit, coffee, tea and cold water but if you want alcohol they provide beer and wine for purchase. The team always make sure that we got what we needed. When we arrive at Rinca Island, we go around with local ranger to show us Komodo dragon and do short trekking (need around 45-60 minutes). While trekking we saw a big Komodo dragon, it was really amazing! One of the highlights of our trip in Indonesia. After this we went back to The Boat to have lunch on board. They set up the dining area nicely and serve Paccheri crab (it was soo tasty!). We really enjoyed the food and beer with beautiful view in front of us. For the afternoon we ordered wine to relax on the couch to watch the flying foxes. It's so fantastic to witness nature like this. The bats flying out and orange sunset as background. Its wonderful! Bravo for Marco and the team, you make our day unforgettable. Highly recommended!!
budifjap0512, Jakarta, Indonesia
06 Sep 2017 on TripAdvisor
unforgettable dining experience. so we had booked this MadeinItaly dining from 11.00 - 19.00 with my lovely wife only two of us and the Chef Marco and the boat crews. So the moment we entering the phones boat , you feel like getting into a luxurious yacht, since it is design so artful by Chef marco himself and also the fabrication of the boat was supervised by him, which is to our surprised. We started with the fresh mango and orange juice followed by the 4 finger foods all mostly seafood based, but you may select if you are not a seafood lover. So we are heading to the island Fungus where ATLAS is cultivating their pure genuine pearl in this region. we were greeted so friendly with the Manager ATLAS and learning how the cultivation taking place for a sea water pearl which is may take ca 2 years until they can harvest it. the color of pearl produce in this area only white and silver, which is changing from country to other country. In the mean time the paulaner weiss beer was served to my satisfaction , since it is one of my fav. Then we go to Kelor island where you may swim and snorkel in the very clear sea water in the shape of a lagoon ; I just swom wearing my swim google and what I saw below me some small fishes ca your hand size also swimming with me, which so amazing. after we were heading to a private island where no boat is travelling just only our boat and we anchored there enjoying the very beautiful sunset while we were waiting for our dinner to be served, and complimented with sparkling rose; it was a perfect atmosphere. nothing more I wished besides seating with my lovely wife. first came the crab soup, and then the pasta made from the purple sweet potato with the unique shell. for the closing is very beautiful real italien tiramisu decorated with sun flower; is very awesome a life sunflower. all flowers and vegetable by the way is grown by Chef Marco himself. I flushed all the wonderful meals with my weir Paulaner beer, since the hot climate I prefered cold beer than wine. the food and the service are impeccable, nothing to complain including the boat crews. My great appreciation Chef Marco and your team also; wish you all the luck on your business and I strongly recommend to take your time to experience MadeInItaly by Chef Marco Bertini.
NoRoadsXPD, Melbourne
31 Jul 2017 on TripAdvisor
Add This To Your Itinerary You must add this to your Komodo itinerary. This is an entire day 11am to 7pm dining and sight seeing experience like no other in the Komodo Islands. As soon as you board the Made in Italy Boat you realise this is going to be a special day of luxury with great drinks and delicious and creative dining. If you want a special day out in the Komodos away from the crowded tourist boats in special island settings then this is the one for you. The price is not cheap but this is a day to savour and one to remember. Perfecto!