14 Nov 2019 on TripAdvisor
We booked this trip (explore top 6 Komodo destinations in 1 day) as a recommendation from the hostel we were staying in. In the office, we were well informed of the itinerary and everything we'd be doing as well as ensuring that our snorkelling gear fitted us. All in all, they were extremely friendly and welcoming at the office - a fantastic first impression. The tour itself was incredible - we wish there more stars we could give it as it definitely deserves more than 5!!! Hugo and Andre (our two tour guides) and their boat crew were amongst the most knowledgable, friendly, hilarious and fun people we've met in Indonesia and truly made the whole experience memorable. They went above and beyond the whole trip to ensure that we got the most out of it - we were super lucky to see manta rays and sea turtles; knowing the best times to go and see them, where they would be as well as getting us to places before more boats arrived so that we could enjoy our time in the water more. We would highly, highly, highly recommend going with Red Whale. Their customer service is amazing and you truly get your money's worth with them. The people that work for them love their job and it's amazing to see their dedication to the people on the tour, looking after the environment and providing the best possible experience every single person on our trip would enjoy. A massive, massive thank you again to Hugo, Andre, their crew and the Red Whale office for what can be described as the best tour we have done in Indonesia!!!
14 Nov 2019 on TripAdvisor
Labuan Bajo currently has 55 dive shops and Red Whale wins! With my 170 dives completed across the Pacific and other I see none topping this one. Igor, Lidia, Yetno, Andre, the boat captains, the on boat support and even the drivers are a true team and everything is synched with the customer in mind. The 4 boats are in great condition, fully equipped, dive gear and equipment are all new enough and the diving was good with all 9 of my preferred dive sites nailed. Sightings were plenty varied included 5 manta rays, devil, sting, eagle and blue spotted rays and cuttle fish, octopus, white tip sharks, turtles, wrasse, morays, and plenty of smaller including nudis. A first time for me was the ornate ghost pipe fish and now check off the list! Day 4 I joined the speedboat tour with Padar and Komodo the highlights although the latter can occasionally be a bust we did see dragons. Overall a perfect 4 days and let me not forget the warmth and humor that Indonesians bring to their interactions and those great locally made boat lunches. An all around professional and fun dive and tour company. Thanks, Igor and team!
14 Nov 2019 on TripAdvisor
My boyfriend and I have had such a nice day with the staff from Red Whale. The price is very good for what they offer, like snacks all day, fruit, free mineral water to drink all day, a very yummy lunch, soft drink all day. Also all the snorkeling equipment, a private English speaking tour guide in Komodo island, hotel pick up and drop off and clean towel. The staff are absolutely lovely, very friendly and very funny, specially Hugo and Andre. They are very, very attentive. We really recommend the tour with Red Whale
Nic498098, Singapore
11 Nov 2019 on TripAdvisor
We had been recommended Red Whale from a fellow dive shop in Labuan Bajo, and didn't know exactly what to expect. When we made enquiries the information provided was exceptional. It was a day trip that was so suitably suited to myself and my wife. We had great transfers from our accommodation, and then got to meet our guide for the day at the marina. Hugo, our guide, was truly hospitable from our first meeting! On the boat we had a thorough brief for the day, including safety. We travelled to 6 amazing places and saw everting you could imagine from Komodo. The snorkeling was second to none! We saw Dragons in the park, which was amazing, and we swam with so many Mantas!!!! We had a lovely small group for the day and we were catered for with every drink and snack you could need!!! Red Whale tours is an amazing place to enjoy such a beautiful part of the world. One tip, ask for Hugo!!!!!! What a guide!
06 Nov 2019 on TripAdvisor
I did the one day excursion to Padar Island, Pink Beach, Komodo, Manta Point & Sea turtles along with the island in the middle of the ocean. This is definitely one of my highlights of my Indonesia travel plans, everything ran smoothly with the help of a great team. Pros: - Super fast boat stocked with snacks & plenty of water and sprite and coke to go around twice. - I swam with a freaking giant manta ray!! - I swam with sea turtles!! - I saw padar island with plenty of time to spare. No rushing - Snorkled at pink beach and saw some wonderful coloured fish. - The staff especially Andre were so helpful and nice, really looked after everyone and were very professional and most of all cool. Cons: - The only con I would say is the Komodo Island should be the first thing on the agenda as we didn't get there until 11-11.30 and by that time there's no komodos on the trail only at the end by the cafe and they were hiding from the heat so didn't move. I don't blame them as it was hot! This is the tour you want to do when you visit Labaun Bajo. Look no further.