08 Jul 2018 on TripAdvisor
I’ve spent 3 nights together with my friend at the Kalimaya dive resort and we had the best time ever. This place is so relaxing and peaceful and was exactly what I’ve needed. The food is delicious, the staff is extremely friendly, the resort ist very clean and the diving is amazing. We went out every morning with the speedboat and did 2 dives. In the afternoon or night you can do unlimited dives at the house reef which offers incredible marinelife. I’m a dive instructor but I can say this was one of the best night dives I’ve ever done!!! The bungalows are super clean and all with beach view or directly on the beach. They have a big pool if you wanna swim or just relax after the diving. I can highly recommend this place to every diver who wants to relax and dive at the same time. Thanks to the Kalimaya family for making my stay so wonderful and I’ll definitely come back again :-) Terima kasih dan sampai jumpa!
Nzdiver, New Zealand
21 Jun 2018 on TripAdvisor
Kalimaya joins the ranks of our favourite dive destinations. The Resort offers everything we value in a dive holiday. The staff, from owners, Lauren and Eric, to the gardeners were all incredibly friendly and helpful. The managers, Tegan and Stu are wonderful, always on hand to ensure every aspect of the stay goes smoothly. We specially enjoyed their company at the communal dining area. The food was outstanding, mostly very tasty Indonesian based, we really looked forward to each meal. Dining room staff and chef are to be congratulated. As is common in boutique dive resorts the dining is at communal tables, where we enjoyed excellent company from the small group of divers staying. The bungalow rooms are very comfortable, great beds, great bathroom facilities , amazing private view out to sea, amazing sunrise. Diving! This is what we came for. Kalimaya has a fantastic range of dive sites, including pelagic, macro and also interesting underwater terrain. We added several new nudies to our collection, saw many frog fish, mantas, many other species, several new to us, even after 6 years of dive holidays in Indonesia. Visibility was generally excellent, water temp. 28 deg mostly - very pleasant for us. Unfortunately the last days were quite windy, but Tegan and Stu did a great job placing us on sheltered sites that were still excellent. “Ilhams Surprise” rates in our top 20 muck dives after over 30 years diving. Safety was always stressed by the staff without be suffocating, good balance. Kalimaya’s dive centre, dive boats and staff and routines make the diving really smooth and fun. Overall, can’t fault the operation of Kalimaya from airport pickup to drop off. We had a fantastic dive holiday and will return.
10 Jun 2018 on TripAdvisor
It is worth going out of your way to find and stay at Kalimaya, both for the diving and the people. Both are second to none. The resort offers both a superb house reef and easy access to some outstanding dive sites to the west of Komodo island, much less visited than those to the east. Our dive master Arif and the boat and dive team were exceptionally friendly, attentive and knowledgeable, as were Stuart and Tegan who manage this lovely resort, and their team at the hotel who all became friends and made us feel truly at home. The fact that there is no wi-fi is a positive not a negative, and helped us to unwind and appreciate to the full what Kalimaya really has to offer. We ate very well, and that includes my vegan daughter was excellently catered for. This is a very special place of peace, simplicity and tranquillity. #vautlevoyage
Mandeville1322, UK
07 Jun 2018 on TripAdvisor
Despite nearly 24 hours travelling it is only in the last 30 minutes of the journey that you finally realise you really are arriving to a remote location as the roads reduce to dirt tracks and your mobile signal fades away. However driving down the steep hill towards the resort all such worries disappear as a small oasis of grass, trees and wooden bungalows appears. With a low key welcome and no paperwork we were quickly moved into our Cabin (first double from the communal area) to start the process of wind-down and acclimatisation to the local pace. Split into 4 main parts with the dive centre and pier moving into the small set of double beach front cabins, then into the communal area/bar and swimming pool then the twin cabins with beach cabena´s ensured both isolation and community depending on your mood. Even with the site nearly full when we arrived nothing felt cramped or pushed and we quickly settled into the “dry” bar (beer and soft drinks only due to local licensing) and started swapping diving stories in earnest. Food was served over 1 or 2 dormitary tables depending on the number of people and always hosted by the ever cheerful and perfect hosts Stu and Tegan who seemingly effortlessly enhanced the experiances both above and below water. Food was based from a choice of 2 across 2 or 3 menu items ordered the day before and blended some western style approachs with a local twist but always fresh ingrediants and well supported by the local kitchen and bar staff throughout the 3 daily servings (and afternoon cake!). The next day moved up a pace with the start of diving. This was split across. 1 or 2 boats (depending on numbers and skill ranges) with a simple (during mid tide) transfer by smaller boat to the larger covered dive boats. Most dives were a short 30-40 boat ride and with a large number of sites across 3 points of the compass delivering ample options for keeping out of the worst of the weather and tides. With 2 planned dives in the morning (7:30 or 08:00 starts) the afternoon was taken up with diving the house reef as either a PM,Dusk or night dive or just relaxing. However we were mainly in this location for the diving and the amazing blend of locations delivered the full range of sites both anticipated and desired in this area…Wall Dives, Black Sand Muck diving, drifts,Coral Gardens, small critters and large, healthy coral all round and even a dive across an active volcano and a chance to visit the “Dragons” in Komodo all contributing to making this a true microcosm of everything any person could want from a single shore based diving location. So with the diving nailed, the environment near idyllic, the dive,catering and cabin staff suoer friendly and ever helpful along with a laid back approach (but hiding super efficiency) from Stu and Tegan all combine to make this one of the best dive operations we have ever experienced and a place easy to recommend (but not too loudly) for anyone wanting to be cut-off from the technology world and back to a simpler eating/diving/sleeping routine…a stunning place.
John Belchamber
03 Jun 2018 on Facebook
10 wonderful days here...Diving varied, reef in great condition and great mix from current through wall drifts to slow finning across coral gardens and muck diving. Lodges and communal area around pool work really well allowing for relaxing but not crowded even with a full house. All in all one of the best dive operations we've experianced...throughly recommend a visit for those wanting great diving,company and limited internet!