memiliablanco, Argentina
05 Sep 2019 on TripAdvisor
We did the trip from Lombok to Flores 4 days 3 nights (28/8/19 until 31/08/19)with Wanua Adventures in Budi boat with Al as a captain. From the begging, everything was amazing and well organice. They pick you up at Bangsal port and take you to the office in Mataram to pay -fix price 2.300.000Rp- and give you the breakfast from that first morning. After that, they take you to the actual port where they depart - 3 hours by bus from there. They give you a bottle of water to reuse so you don’t leave rubish during the trip. This high experience is not just about the amazing places you visit (they totally follow the program they tell you), is about the people you met. Food was abundant and really good, they have coffee and tea available all the time as water to refill too. They do the best they can to make you feel comfortable. The crew is really friendly and helpful, specially Al, our captain, always with a smile and some joke or fact to share. Just something to be aware, the second day you travel a lot - in between 20-24 hours. You don’t stop, so I totally recommend you to take your seasickness pills not to feel bad. Even if you think you usually don’t get sick, such an amount of hours and the movement makes you feel weird and funny. If you don’t have pills, they have as well. Take them in advance. Other than that, just enjoy. The sunrise, sunset, people from everywhere, hiking and beatiful snorkeling with manta rays, baby sharks and colorful fish. Thanks once more! Because you did everything you promised and even much more. Thanks crew!!
Clémentine C
04 Sep 2019 on TripAdvisor
I wouldn’t recommend this trip. The region is amazing, and there are such beautiful things to see, but I strongly recommend to see them in another way. Everything you see, you could see in one day. You spend the rest of the time waiting (either in a way too hot van, either on a way too slow and crowded boat). The boat in itself gets really dirty, same for the toilets. You are forced to walk barefoot everywhere, so you basically spend the day walking in a wet disgusting mud. I knew before leaving that it wasn’t going to be a luxury cruise, and I was more than okay with this idea ! But I was overall surprised and disappointed about how very rustic, dirty, and uncomfortable it got, 4 days was really too long. The food is very, very repetitive. Same veggies, same taste, same dishes. I am vegan, and asked several times before going if that was okay for the crew and the kitchen, they always said yes! But, during the cruise, they gave me non vegan food several times. Finally, what I find most annoying, is that being always in a very large group, you won’t be able do spend your time as you want, maybe some activities you will find too long or not interesting, and some others you will find too short; but you’ll have to follow the group. Which might be okay for one day, but four days is a pretty long time. Above all, we were three boats from the same company to leave at the same time from lombok (each with 30-35 people on it), and the three boats followed each other, making the same stops at the same time, meaning that every stop was crowded ... It is not all bad, as I said, you will see wonderful things, and probably meet very nice people, but I would really recommend you visit theses places on your own, or on a one day trip from Flores for example.
03 Sep 2019 on TripAdvisor
We take this trip from Lombok to Labuan Bajo. And it was great. Got a lot of time to sunbath, snorkeling even chit chat with a lot people in the boat (30 persons including us). The food was good. Got free flow mineral water in the boat. Mr. Harry (our guide) really take a good care of us in there (since i can't swim, he really told me what to do)
Juliane H
31 Aug 2019 on TripAdvisor
I had been traveling solo until I met up my friend from back home to do this tour and I would always do it again and recommend it to others. We did the route Flores-Lombok, which, for us, was perfect. I did hear from other groups that especially the other way around there is lots of partying on the boat. I also heard of nights with bad weather conditions and the boat being very very shaky. However, i can only tell positive things about our tour. We had a great time, good food, an amazing group of people and the must stunning nature and sceneries I could have imagined. Of course if you are looking for luxury, this is nothing for you, you sleep on the deck (which we would recommend, don’t take a cabin), on small matrices and very close together with other strangers. We loved it and we could see the sunrise every morning from the deck. If you are backpacking or traveling on a budget, will make sure you squeeze in this tour. It was my favorite of my time in Indonesia.
hammertimefortravel, Norway
27 Aug 2019 on TripAdvisor
I went on the for days, tree nights cruise from Lombok to Flores. The first day was mostly traveling, but it was all nicely organized. Once checked in, they serve a light lunch, coffee and tea. You get a water bottle that you can refill during the trip. The boat it self is nice, but make no mistake, this is not a luxury cruise. It’s very basic and you sleep on the floor on a thin mattress with 25 other people. You get a blanket, but I was very happy that I brought my silk sleeping bag so that I could have the blanket on the mattress. I also kept my clothes in an waterproof bag (vacuum plastic bag) because it gets really humid at night time. The food was really great, super fresh and nicely cooked. I’m celiac and couldn’t eat the pancakes for breakfast, but they made me omelette instead. We ended up in som pretty nasty weather, and it was pretty rough, but capt. Harry and his crew took really good care of us all. The experience is intense but really worth doing. The excursions were great, we snorkeled in the most beautiful water I have ever seen, enjoyed time on the Pink Sandy Beach, hiked and watched the sunrise, saw Komodos and much more. I would very much recommend this trip, but be prepared that its not luxury, its back to basic. If you can enjoy that and all the wonderful people you meet along the way, this’s is the trip for you! Ps. I’m a solo traveler, and there were plenty of us on the trip. I made great friends that I stayed with when we got to Flores.