Andrew M, UK
06 Jan 2014 on TripAdvisor
We booked for my daughter and I to dive and my parents, wife and son to go snorkelling recently. It had been pretty choppy for a couple of days before hand and the snorkelling guide was quite apologetic about the visibility so took them on a tour of Negombo water ways and canal before having a 40 minute snorkel. This turned out to be significantly better than he had implied it would be, although the visibility wasn't fantastic it was not too bad. The dive team were really supportive and helpful as it had been a couple of years since we had dived. The first dive was on a decent wreck with good fish life. The second was on a reef. The visibility in both cases was reasonable and the fish life good. The coral architecture was pretty limited on the reef. I didn't have great expectations based on some previous comments and I think the diving was slightly better than I had anticipated. Fili and his team were not only really helpful with the diving but in lots of other ways as well. They were relaxed and friendly at all times and very professional throughout.
absoluteseemant, India
05 Jan 2014 on TripAdvisor
Hi , we travelled to stay & dive at Trincomalee in August 2013 with Feli & SLDT. We went again to another terrific holiday over New Year's 2013-14 to stay & dive with them at Negombo. We were 10 of us in the Group & stayed at the charming & superb "The Beach Lodge" right next doors under the care of Royston, Mr. Thesee & the great Chef, Miguere !! But that's another great review.. Feli, Renu, Sashaa, Raj, Shanta, Dilshan & everyone else at team SLDT were spot on & great to dive with as always. Highly recommended outfit to dive with and a huge amount of experience back them up. Friendly to the core too.. we were happily invited for Feli's Birthday bash the day we landed & enjoyed the trip with a lovely evening at the dive shop, eating string hoppers & chicken curry.. we landed at the fag ended of the retreating North east monsoon over Sri Lanka & saw a few windy days at Sea.. visibility was low-ish in the nearby sites but spectacular in the Last Frontier sites further away. The fish life was amazing - fully loaded. As was the shallow, 10 mtr deep wreck close by. Saw massive cuttle fish mating action at deeper sites, huge shoals of snappers throughout, eels, baraccuda shoals etc etc. The group loved SLDT and their friendly yet efficient approach towards diving & knowing the sites out of the so many there. Negombo is charming with lovely paces like Lord's, Sameeha Hotel (for authentic SL biryani's & kebabs) the entire stretch is full of amazing shops & eateries where sea food lovers will delight & there's lovely cuisine for the veggies too. we enjoyed a quaint get tigether on our "private Beach Lodge beach" and were treated to a lovely BBQ by the superb Team there. Boats at SLDT are great & Feli took out the RIB for the long haul ride to The Last Frontier. All in all , a great experience. Thanks all at team SLDT for yet another Absolute Adventure. Pictures soon over our page..