Oskar J
05 Jul 2019 on Tripadvisor
If you're looking for some nature and retreat, this is really the resort to join. We booked a 3D2N (I highly recommend staying at least 3D2N, as you get much much more value for the money) through our hostel, and were picked up and brought to the lovely jungle resort, which had very nice facilities and friendly staff. Our guide, Rian, really went the extra mile for us. He took us around the local village, invited us to see his home and eat some fresh mango. Such a nice guy, that told good stories about life in Borneo and the maginificent flora and fauna. Rian also gave us the option to plant a tree, bought from the locals and of course we did. Really enjoyed the experience and I'm so glad we got to see WILD orangutans among other amazing creatures!
wilster33, London
04 Jun 2019 on Tripadvisor
Mixed feelings about this place - it’s a beautiful setting and the rooms are lovely. The boat trips are cool and the staff are so so so nice. However it’s just super overpriced for what it is. The food is average buffet canteen food - really done on the total cheap, pudding is basically a watermelon chopped up and there’s no bread for soup etc. It’s self service and you take your own dishes to the washing up bit. Drinks are cans that you get yourself from the fridge. All this is fine, no complaints but for about £100 per person per night it’s a bit poor. I think maybe the whole river area is just over priced. It was a shock for us after Sepilok Nature Resort which is cheaper and much much nicer. Overall it’s good but should be half the price and they’d still make a profit.
stephen l, Sydney, Australia
27 May 2019 on Tripadvisor
Right in the middle of the jungle. Monkeys wondering around, right on river. Breakfast fine. Stay in cabins with good bathroom and air conditioning Go on trips up the river for wildlife spotting. A great place to stay and see the wildlife
juniieejune Hamburg, Germany
13 May 2019 on Tripadvisor
It's about 2.5hrs from Sandakan Airport but if you take the tour package, transportation is arranged. Upon arrival we were greeted by friendly staff. We were brief on resort orientation and brought to our room. Loved the mosquito netting provided for each bed. Lovely sound of nature and insects. What a peaceful feeling when your bed has the forest view, priceless. Kinabatangan river cruise activities were well arranged and punctual. Enjoyed our late afternoon and early morning cruise. Saw: proboscis monkeys, macaque monkeys, crocodiles, blue head kingfisher bird, hornbill and water monitor lizard. The night walk was fun too, we saw gigantic butterfly. Food provided for each meal (breakfast, tea time, dinner) were delicious. After dinner, there's short cultural activities between the guests and staff, before the night jungle walk. Loved our experience and feel the warm hospitality from the staff. Highly recommended!
LH78MG75, Scarborough, United Kingdom
02 May 2019 on Tripadvisor
We booked the 3 day 2 night package via River Junkies. On our boat trips we were lucky enough to spot an orangutan building a nest, many monkeys, a huge crocodile and lots of birdlife. The food was good and meals were well organised. The private rooms were clean with good AC and a surprisingly good shower! The staff were friendly and helpful. I feel the resort could improve things for guests by providing chairs for the verandas of the private bungalows. The only space to relax is the communal dining room, or the hammocks strung above. This area can get quite busy and because of this it is not the tranquil 'getting away from it all' experience that you imagine, especially when there are large noisy groups around or children running all over the place. This brings me to my second suggestion for improvement. I feel that the staff are perhaps a bit too reluctant to control some guests' bad behaviour because they don't want to offend. We attended a night walk with a family who talked incessantly all the way round despite the fact that we had all been told to be quiet in order to spot wildlife. The guide didn't say anything to them, leaving other guests to ask them to be quiet, creating an awkward atmosphere between us all. We did ask for our next night walk to be with a quieter group and the staff did facilitate this, but i feel that our first night walk was ruined and that is an experience we cannot get back. Another issue was with the queuing for the boats. We got to the jetty early every trip and were told to make a line. However when more people turned up everyone just pushed in and we were shoved to the back. To make matters worse, one particular guest pushed her way to get the front seat of the boat every time, mounted a camera on a pole and filmed the entire trip, meaning any person sat behind her couldn't get a photo off the front of the boat without her camera in shot. Again, not the hotel's fault but I feel that the staff have a responsibility to ensure all their guests have the best experience possible, and that may mean being more assertive when faced with selfish guests who are happy to spoil things for others.