20 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
Had a really great time with Rosa Cruises! The staff and our host Frank were very nice and friendly/accommodating. The top deck was great and the rooms were better than I expected! Had lots of fun going to the pearl farm, kayaking in the bay and spending time swimming in the water. Food was superb with something for everyone to eat. Highly recommend it!!
cjparsons123, UK
20 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
My friends and I all really enjoyed the cruise, it was everything we expected and more! The activities were great and still enough time to just relax and have our own time. The food was excellent, always plenty to go round and lots of choice. The staff all worked amazingly to make our time perfect and to make sure we were all satisfied. I would definetly reccomend this tour for any type of traveller, wether with a family, friends or couple. It definetly involved everyone and everyone had a great time.
Lucy L
17 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
The rooms are nice and clean with good air conditioning, as well as the bathroom. However, the water pressure for showers is dismal. The wifi on board is also next to nothing. Meals included a wide range of options for varying dietary requirements however the actual food quality could have been a lot better, especially breakfast. Drinks on board are expensive compared to the main land, however there is a happy hour. Also, very very little bottled water is complimentary, one tiny bottle per person each day. Staff are friendly and mean well but may not suit every group. Activities are pretty good - pearl farm visit, kayaking, swimming, cave visit - however more swimming could be included. However of course Ha Long Bay is beautiful and the views from the cruise are amazing.
23 Jun 2019 on TripAdvisor
We had a very good time at the Rosa Cruise with some fun activities with a very kind tourguide and a lot of good food. After we got picked up we got a welkom drink and some information about the trip. After that we got some free time before we got to the lunch. After lunch we went to the pearl farm, went kayaking went swimming and watched the sun go down what all was very fun. In the evening we ate and did karaoke with everyone. The next morning we got breakfast and went to a very cool cave. After we went to the cave we checked out of the rooms and learned how to make nam (kind of spring rolls) that we eat at the lunch after. On the boat we had the best tourguide you can imagine he was very kind and did everything as “everything i do, i do for you” he learned us many things about the Vietnamese culture and many other cool stuff we saw. Besides that he also helped us arrange our transfer to the next city. Big shoutout to Tintin
20 Jun 2019 on TripAdvisor
Went on the 2D1N cruise and thoroughly enjoyed it. We went when the cruise was only 2/3 full which may have contributed. Pros: give you plenty of food, rooms are neat, range of activities, staff are super helpful. We asked about karaoke and they set it up for us even though it wasn't on the itinerary. The tour guide gives you a lot of info but also time to chill. They also give you 4 small bottles of water which may or may not be enough for you. Cons: there was a bug in the bedroom. While food was decent it wasn't the best I've had. Wifi is weak and often doesn't work.