kidcarrot, Canberra, Australia
31 Mar 2017 on TripAdvisor
Terrific and unique experience Cath and I chartered 'The Boat' in mid March. What a great experience: pretty much unique, and certainly for this part of the world? Our host, Marco, created a fabulous 8 course menu for us taking in to account our food preferences. The food was excellent, but so was every aspect of the experience. The crew were friendly and helpful, and we had a great day enjoying the local area, including a nice stop for some snorkelling and taking in the sunset. Nothing to criticise here, and I can't really think of anything you could do to improve it. Great stuff
21 Sep 2015 on CNN
Bertini is one of the boat tour operators. Aside from his terra firma restaurant, he owns a refurbished shrimp boat called Made in Italy. It houses a fine-dining restaurant that can seat 10. It features a seven-course degustation menu matched with champagne, cocktails and wines -- topped off with a glass of 25-year-old Zacapa rum, Italian chocolate and Cuban cigars.
marinsul, Geylang, Singapore
15 Sep 2015 on TripAdvisor
Memorable! We just came back from a short trip to Labuan Bajo. With only 2 nights to spend, we want to see the dragons and also a bit of sailing to small islands around Labuan Bajo. The boat nicely fit the 4 of us (more people would be a bit tight). It has a very nice lounge area, top deck with bean bag for sunbathing, dinning room, a toilet and bathroom with shower. It also has a bedroom with a proper bed. And the food is beautiful! Marco really did a fantastic job. He is very meticulous in presentation and everything tasted so good! The crew are also very courteous and pleasant. They took us to Rinca, a small island called Mawan for a snorkle and to Kalong Island to see the bat fox leaving their mangrove nest at dusk, which by the way an amazing sight to watch! I am so glad that we decided to take The Boat instead of the smaller boat. One of my best vacations!
mtpinder57, Ashland, Oregon
21 Apr 2015 on TripAdvisor
You won't believe it! Yes you have to pay for this experience. But believe me, it is worth a lot more. To have the whole boat to ourselves, be served amazing food and wine, be taken to a deserted island, snorkel, eat more incredible food, enjoy a beautiful sunset and all the while just laughing to ourselves and asking - 'Is this real'. Thank you Marco for everything. You are an excellent chef and host.
itsWIRDHA, Bali, Indonesia
23 Nov 2014 on TripAdvisor
unforgettable experience! My boyfriend arranged to give me a nice surprise, Made In Italy the boat - a romantic floating restaurant in the fantastic wooden boat!!! we sailed for a day from Flores to a small white island that surrounding by wonderful sea and clear water. We had fantastic foods from the best chef in town - Marco! seriously those foods are the best Italian food i ever had and the this mojito is magic! then the most unforgettable moment was when we enjoyed the sunset while watching millions of flying fox, i just cant stop to say WOW!!! the last but not least on the way back we laying on the bean-bag watched the starts and lucky us we saw one shooting stars, Well what else to say? I felt like a queen!