29 Jul 2015 on TripAdvisor
Having to deal a bit with the boats and services in the Komodo Nationalpark it surely has been taking us a bit longer to make the final decision on the boat of choice. But it was the absolute correct decision and brilliant it all worked out so well and was so perfectly accommodated to the limited time frame that we had to make this trip our special summer experience. As much the boat provides all needs and clean, well maintained and running facilities, the crew makes it all one great well rounded experience for each of us, young and 'older'..... Everyone within the family was catered to, a day of diving, straight from the boat with the team going out of its way, snorkelling at easier spots at the start for the kid and later heading to more challenging areas. Sunsets from the top of an island's hill as well as in the middle of the sea, quiet (no engine running) just with the breeze blowing through the sundeck roofing. We seen it all under water and on land, the mantas, turtles and sharks as well as the dragon and the thousands bats flying out at night from that one particular island. To round it all up -the food was terrific, never boring for 5 days and always with a big smile and terrific test as much the local dishes as well appointed western meals. Our son loved it to the fullest, he became a crew member and felt so special..... THANK YOU!
Sainty1, Auckland
19 Jul 2015 on TripAdvisor
We have just arrived back from 8 days on the Perjuangan an extended family of six from 7 years to 75years. Natalie met us at the airport and made sure we were settled in on the boat before she left and organised a dive trip for us one of the days. The crew of 6 were fantastic and went out of their way to make sure we had a good time. They were especially great with the children. One thing we did and would recommend is a meeting with the captain Arif and Pian each evening to talk about what was happening the next day. We are early risers so liked to have a snorkel before breakfast. The captain,knew the best places and Dirman the boat boy made us feel very safe. The currents are strong in some places but we just floated with the tide, looking down at amazing fish and coral. Just a hand up from any of us and Dirman was there for us to climb aboard. Just like most of the other reviews we couldn't have been happier . Annisa is a great Indonesian cook and also a dab hand at Italian food as well. We didn't stay in Labuanbajo at all and are so pleased we didn't waste time there as the boat experience is so good.I would be happy to answer any questions . Don't take too many clothes you live in swimsuit and sarong on board and shorts towels, toiletries, snorkelling gear are provided. Getting out of the water somebody was always there with a fresh towel. No need for shoes on the boat so just something to wear, if like us you like a hike around the islands. We could charge our cameras on the boat,the phone was fine but don't rely on the internet as reception is very patchy.
denisebarnett, United States
16 Jul 2015 on TripAdvisor
My family spent 5 nights on the boat and loved every minute! The boat was just the right size for the 6 of us and was kept very clean throughout our visit. The crew was great and took really good care of us, taking us to the best snorkeling spots and beaches. Our visit to the Komodo Park was wonderful (we saw 4 dragons!) and with every return to the boat, we were treated to a nice refreshing and refueling snack. Of course the views are beautiful and we loved relaxing on the sun deck but what made the trip special was the wonderful crew! Thanks to all of you for making our trip so amazing!
Barbara G, France
03 Jul 2015 on TripAdvisor
With my family, we spent four fabulous days aboard the Perjuangan! First, the Komodo National Park is an incredible place where there is so much to explore. And then, the Perjuangan boat and its crew afford us even more than our expectations. The combination of both make our trip just unique! Terima kasih Perjuangan!
GPRMP, United States
01 Jul 2015 on TripAdvisor
The boat and the crew were perfect for our family of six. The sights are amazing, of course - coral reefs, millions of bats, komodo dragons - but the experience was made much more enjoyable by the environment of the boat and the friendly accommodations of the crew.