Jurgen SC, Luxembourg
28 May 2018 on TripAdvisor
In a world that constantly evolves it gets harder and harder to go to places where not many others have been before you. Kalimaya is a destination where until now you will find your expectations fulfilled. Whilst already Bima introduce itself as almost untouched by tourism it will get more serious at Sape. Where when you one and a half hours later finally arrived at the retreat you are cut off from your former constraints. At the moment there are 10 Bungalows facing the sea and providing an exclusive view to the morning sunrise and two boats which are sufficient when the retreat is only partly complete, but also in conditions when sea is bumpy a bigger boat would mean more comfort. The new building hosting the dive Center has just opened and there is abundant space to clean and store cameras and equipment. The retreat has developed to a tropical green garden containing bananas, papayas, bougainvillea and lots of lemongrass, due to the never-ending care of Stu and Tegan, the two managers who devote themselves to provide everybody a good time. Rio and Aldi behind the bar will always be at service to serve your demands and the cook must have been fallen in love with French desserts, which means that you will get ile flottant, moelleux au chocolat, crème caramel or crème brullée. We did come for diving of course, but live is far more than that and if your belly is satisfied, you are easier with yourself and your company. Not to forget that there is always a veggie option available and afternoon cake. Now diving is awesome! The second day we had during forty minutes seven mantas around us, there is an abundance of corals and many nudies that we have spotted for the first time. The diversity of dive sites is great from coral gardens, volcanic muck, walls and the guides choose the sites according to the tidal situation. We have had sharks, turtles and Barracudas during our dives and it is true, there is a Rhinopia at the house reef, which to find is the specialty of our guide Ilham. The scenery above water is terrific as well as there are uninhabited islands, the active Sangean volcano and finally Komodo with its dragons that we have visited during a surface interval. Water temperatures changed from 28 to 24°Celcius, Visibility at the house reef was best during the morning, but this may depend on the season and weather. As I had to stay off the water for a couple of days, I enjoyed the pool, the view and appreciated the support by Tegan and Stu on how to make my day. We really enjoyed our stay and wishing Kalimaya all the best for the future!
delictraveller, UK
23 May 2018 on TripAdvisor
I was lucky enough to spend 5 nights at Kalimaya. It’s an easy commute of less than 50 minutes from Bali Denpasar airport to Bimba. The resort then organised to have a car waiting for us on arrival at the airport, which was seamless. The road to Kalimaya is quite bumpy.. but it’s almost new territory for Independent travellers, so dirt roads are De Riguer!! Kalimaya is a first class Dive resort- all meals are included and food is a fusion of Indo cuisine and Western dishes, plus there is always an afternoon cake and fresh juices! The snorkelling or diving is some of the best I’ve experienced with amazing coral reef walls, turtle spotting to a Canyon Dive with white and black tip sharks. This company is the only one in the area.. long may it continue! Unspoilt setting and location on a stunning beach, and beautiful Balinese style huts. 5 days was great but actually wish we’d stayed 7 nights as it’s so lovely. Great staff, good diving practice and good equipment- a well oiled machine!
ibutaco, Indonesia
07 May 2018 on TripAdvisor
Upon arriving the first thing you notice is the lush tropical garden. Banana trees, papaya plants, palms and flowers everywhere. The bungalows are all new and clean. Cold aircon and hot water, plenty of outlets for charging, comfortable mattresses and duvets. Everything you need in a room plus the VIEW! While every room had heavy drapes to cover the front windows, if you choose to leave them open you would not be disappointed by the gentle sunrise over the sea wakeup call. There were plenty of spots to relax by the pool or in private beach barugas. Food... never went hungry. I loved that breakfast was plated and made to order. You can pick and choose as you like, be it healthy fruits up to a full english. Each meal was a new delicious treat. The chocolate desserts were my favorite. Staff were attentive and friendly. They made great efforts to remember my name and how I liked my coffee, a small detail that makes a big differnce! DIVING! A true adventure. I've been diving in Komodo for years so it was on my bucketlist to get to the far away places unreachable from Flores. Komodo is famous for its diversity, but being so large most operators only go to the 'popular' places, leaving the vast majority of the park untouched. Diving some of these never before seen places was the highlight of my trip and didn't disappoint. Mantas, rhinopias, sharks, frogfish.. prepare to bring all your camera lenses! This holiday is one I won't soon forget. Im already planning for my next visit and excited to see how the new dive shop and camera room turn out. Thanks for a fantastic time!
NickEverett1981, UK
01 May 2018 on TripAdvisor
Kalimaya Dive Resort really is a slice of paradise. A wonderful setting in a secluded quiet bay. Our room was was beautifully fitted out, very comfortable beds and a veranda looking out over the sea. The restaurant and pool area is also beautiful and surrounded by amazing tropical gardens. There are endless options for places to relax and read etc including secluded beach huts and large sofa areas that it is very hard not to fall asleep in! We were treated to three excellent meals per day. All were really tasty and filling. service and staff impeccable. The diving in this region is incredible. I am lucky enough to be very experienced when it comes to Indonesian diving and this area does not disappoint. Kalimaya resort has access to dive spots that no other operator can get to. Including some sites with very unique topography and marine life. Their house reef alone can offer some incredible macro life. Ghost pipefish, frogfish , nudis and even rhinopias. A short speed boat ride away in a comfortable purpose fitted boat are dive sites that offer very reliable manta sightings, sharks, turtles and all you would expect from diving in the Komodo region. Also nearby is the amazing Sangeang. An active volcano with incredible macro life and stunning black corals, home to the unique 'Bubble Reef' where sulphur vents in the sand make it seem like you are diving in champagne! The dive crew are also great, everything is taken care of for you, and Kalimayas dive guides Faldo and Ilham have incredible eyes! My stay here was perfect and the service top notch. Many thanks to the resort management. Keep up the great work! Definitely coming back....
73beetle, Malaysia
17 Apr 2018 on TripAdvisor
Kalimaya Dive Resort is luxury on so many levels. The resort itself is idyllic and well positioned. Situated a 1.5 hour transfer from Bima airport the resort is nestled on a hillside with views of the stunning Komodo national park, Gili Banta, and Sangean volcano. The bungalows are well proportioned, superbly decorated and take full advantage of the breathtaking views and glorious sunrises; including drinkable water and warm showers! The communal restaurant and fabulous pool, again have the luxurious Balinese feel and are designed to take advantage of the scenery, and offer a quiet reflection or communal catch up after a day of diving. The staff are exceptional, from the warm greeting and stimulating, and hilarious, conversations with Stu and Teagan, to the unobtrusive attention of the bar staff you really do feel like you are in a top star boutique resort. The food is delicious, with a well-designed menu that takes full advantage of Indonesian classics and western twists whilst catering for your personal (in my case extensive) dietary needs with aplomb. The highlights are too extensive to list but the chef deserves a huge thank you for producing such well prepared and well presented fresh dishes. Obviously, the biggest draw for the resort is the diving, and it does not disappoint. The dive sites offer so much diversity and appeal to any diver and tick off your bucket list; from the constantly accessible house reef, the majestic mantas to the downright weird and whacky macro there is everything to see. Reefs are healthy and undisturbed and the amazing dive and boat staff really help to make pick out the most obscure and rare finds. We were lucky enough to take part in some exploration dives; discovering new dive sites and really never before dived locations - the absolute highlight of my diving life! Thank you, Moritz, Teagan, Stu, and Ilham for giving us such a unique opportunity. Kalimaya has officially spoilt me for any other dive holiday - you get what you pay for at this resort, it is the benchmark for boutique, luxury diving. I will definitely be back!