jaymi g
26 Aug 2019 on TripAdvisor
We did the four day three night Lombok to Flores Komodo trip. The boat is basic... very basic but the staff do wonders with what they have. They create a range of food options with limited ingredients. Thank you Fendi and Captain Midoon and all the other staff they really made our trip so much better by being super enthusiastic and doing their best to help at any opportunity!!! Never try never Know! Haha. In terms of the trip itself be warned day one and day two are pretty boring- they are basically just travelling and day two the sea was very bad so everybody got incredibly sea sick and spent most of the day laid in bed... well .. on the mat. We thought we’d be partying... nope. Mostly sleeping! To be honest I Would recommend to fly to Labuan Bajo and do the islands From there- you will see more, spend more time at the sights and less time being sea sick. However the trip was an adventure and an experience!!! It was also very good value for money.
FarAway559140, United Kingdom
22 Aug 2019 on TripAdvisor
VFrom Labuan bajo to Lombok in four days. This is a great way to get between different island while seeing a range of places. There is the choice of cabins or sleeping on the deck. There is more of a breeze on the deck which is nicer but less privacy. You see a range of things including early morning sunrise, rinca island, komdo island, plenty of waterfalls and beautiful views. You get to meet a range of people which is great. When the boat is travelling over to Lombok 18hours of sailing in one go is required. The boat was rocking a lot so may not be goos for those who suffer from sea sickness. Overall a great tour with a shuttle to your next destination on Lombok. I would like to thank our tour guides personally (Oteng and Sultan) for making it such a good trip. Notes to takes away 1. Bring an extra sheet or blanket to us on top of the plastic mat you are provided with. 2. Bring extra snack if you get hungry. Meals provided are big but spaced out and with all the swimming you might get hungry (some snacks are available but not loads). 3. If you suffer sea sickness easily get some tablets to help with the long sailing hours which can cause the boat to rock. 4. Make the most of asking guides and those running the boat about the Indonesia.
RussellB1378, United Kingdom
21 Aug 2019 on TripAdvisor
We were a bit sceptical of what the 4d/3n boat tour would be like but where absolutely blown away by the experience. Like the reviews say it is not a luxury tour but if you go with an open mind you will no doubt have one of the best experiences. The itinerary was perfect, stopping off for sunset the first night then snorkelling the first morning. Yes the second day is a lot of travelling but take a book and chat to the people around you and it flys by, was one of our favourite days. The third and fourth day are jam packed with snorkelling and sight seeing, from perfect beaches to Komodo dragons, sunrise hikes and sunsets from the boat. There was always plenty of food and and the crew did their best to vary it (I mean, you are on a boat for 4 days), make sure you take enough beers. If there was an option for an extra star for the guide this trip would get it. ‘Al’ was an absolute legend, only wanting everyone to have the best time, always smiling. We only wished we could have kept him for the rest of our trip, his enthusiasm and knowledge were second to none. He really made the trip special for everyone and took time to talk to people individually. I couldn’t recommend the trip more highly if you want to experience the best of Indonesia, feels more like you are sailing through Jurassic Park most of the time!
Julia R
18 Aug 2019 on TripAdvisor
First of all: it is not a trip for everyone! If you expect hotel standards or being entertained all the time... choose other company or book yourself a private boat. We took a 4D/3N trip from Labuan Bajo to Lombok. We booked a cheaper option, we slept on the deck with other passengers. It was not packed - there was still a lot of place. They provide the mattresses with pillow and a thin bedsheet. Most people use it as a blanket but I used it as a bedsheet - the sensation of your skin sticking to the plastic mattress is horrible. During the night I had to cover myself with my towel... If I knew I would take this trip during my stay in Indonesia I would bring some warmer clothes because nights on the sea can be really cold! Anyway, I had a really nice sleep on the deck :) Sanitary facilities. There were 3 toilets and 2 showers. The Asian-style, very basic ones, however they were kept clean and there were always a toilet paper. Unfortunately, there were no sink nor soap. The Komodo park and other activities. We visited Rinca island and saw Komodo there, then we moved to the Komodo islands and there were dragons as well. It was nice, but don't expect very long trekking. We took the 2km route around the island. Also, the snorkeling is a big advantage of this trip! They rent a mask and a snorkel. During 4 days we snorkelled about 5 times. Unfortunately, we didn't seen the mantas, but I guess we just didn't have luck. Food. They served mainly rice and cabbage, but still, it was great. Sometimes they served cookies between the meals which was also a nice touch. There is coffee, tea and water avaiable at all times. On the first day of trip they handed us the reusable metal bottles which we could refill with water! It's really great, eco-friendly idea. Staff. Super friendly! Our guide, Tri, kept us entertained :D. He showed us how to jump into small lake by the waterfall from a really high tree. Very brave guy :D In general... If you seek for an adventure and you're not afraid of basic sanitary facilities, that's a trip for you! Bring some beers and snacks, bring some warm clothes and just enjoy your time on boat!
kirstinedinesen, Denmark
16 Aug 2019 on TripAdvisor
Our trip with Wanua was overall great. Amazing crew and great adventures. It was so much fun! Read both negative and positive comments on the trip below to get the full perspective: Negative stuff: Way too much waiting time on day 1. First, one hour bus trip to Wanua office. Then we waited for almost two hours, and then another 3 hour bus trip to the harbour! We left lombok with boat almost 8-9 hours after our pick up in the morning! Waste of time. The boat trip is very hard. The overseas sailing from Lombok was horrible. Almost 24 hours with huge waves and everybody got seasick. We couldn’t walk on the boat without falling or eat anything. It was exhausting and not fun at all. Would have preferred to fly there and to begin/finish the trip in Labuan Bajo. We chose deck class. The beds are horrible. Plastic beds and a hard “pillow” out of plastic. Bring a extra blanket to put on top of your bed and a pillow if you can! Warm clothes for the cold nights and wind. NOTE: bring seasick pills! We basically survived from eating pills every 4th hour. Also it knocks you out when you wanna sleep. Pfewwww!!! Positive stuff: Staff is awesome. Wadi and Faruk made our trip lovely. They did the best they could even though the waves were too high! And lovely Indonesian food, no complaints! The trip was fun, when we made it to komodo. Day 3-4 is basically the only good part of the trip. But worth it! Soooo lovely to sail around Komodo on this night boat. The boat will take you snorkel with manta rays, visit Komodo dragons on Rinca and on komodo island, trekking on Padar island with stunning sunrise view and swimming around tropical and remote islands. Sooooo amazing! I love komodo and wanua staff did the best they could.