16 Aug 2019 on TripAdvisor
So the trip in itself is cool. You go to cool (snorkling)spots, we saw beautifull scenery, Komodos and 1 Manta! We loved the sailing parts ‘cause you can just chill, look at the beautifull scenery and sunbathe on deck and the overall atmosphere on the boat was nice. This was mainly do to the other passangers, they where all very relaxed. It could have been differently ‘cause the boat was overbooked with 16(!) people. The organisation is not good and if you are going in the high season I recommend to look for an other company. I know it’s high season and it’s busy, but full is full. Wanua Adventures doesn’t seem to know that term and it looks like they are just out to get your money. I know it’s not an expensive trip, but I did not pay for 16 extra people on the boat. I would not have booked the trip knowing it would be that much people on this type of boat. 3 boats sailing togeither. We where told repeatedly (on site and by whatsapp when we where informing about the trip) the boat would house 25-30 guests. We where on a boat with of 46 guests. People had to sleep outside on deck, because there was not enough space inside, luckily it did not rain. That was still better then the cabins ‘cause those where really close to the motor of the boat which was extremly noisy. (Glad we did not book those!) Some people complained about not having a sleeping space and the boat just left without sorting that out first. We realised it was overbooked when we where on the boat and just when we wanted to ask about it, the boat left. The company did not tell us anything about beeing overbooked, and also did not give us the option to cancel because of the overbooking. We left with 3 boats at the same time so when we arrived at an island we always where with 120+ people, other boats where overbooked as well. That was a bit of a dissapointment. It would have been nice if they arrived an hour after eachother. There where no safety instructions. We had to ask about the lifevest (and if there where enough ‘cause of the overbooking!) and life boats. They ensured us they had enough for everyone, but did not show them. We later found out where the lifevests where and checkt that it was luckily true they had enough. The matrasses where a bit thin, but that was expected so ok. We where provided with a headcushon and blanket, which was enough. The boat was clean and there where 3 showers and toilets on board. The showers where in the toilets so if 3 persons where showering, no toilet available. There was a baggageroom for all the big backpacks, which was nice ‘cause there is only room for a small bag near your matress. Not all boats are the same, when we talked to people on other boats, they told us we where lucky ‘cause we had 3 showers and toilets. They only had 1 for 30 people. This I did not check for myself so I am not sure if this is true. The crew was very friendly and funny, but hardly gave out information. You had to ask for it, but not all crew knew what was next, so we hardly knew what was going on. I did get the feeling the crew tried their best at all times, but just had too many people to deal with. It would have been nice to know when what was planned. I suggest to put it up on a board in the diningarea with +/- arrival times so the guests can prepare a bit. The food was not bad and always enough for everybody, but allot of the same. Rice with cabbage and tofu. The last day we got chicken, boiled eggs (yummy) and gado gado, that was really nice! We did not expect fine dining so we brought our own snacks, this was advised by the company. We got a waterbottle and there was always water and tea available. They also provided a cooling box and to buy drinks ahead of time for the boat, which was nice! Again: the trip in itself is nice ‘cause of the things you see. It’s just that the company is badly organised and there is hardly any information. So we do recommend a Komodo tour, just not with this company in the highseason.
Hortense B
16 Aug 2019 on TripAdvisor
4 amazing days !!! Beautiful landscapes, the food was amazing and the crew was gorgeous ! Thank you Imam, captain Midun and the others for having making this adventife wonderful ! See you soon ☀️☀️☀️
07 Aug 2019 on TripAdvisor
After reading reviews from others we had pretty high expectations. However, to begin, we did not leave on the 1st day until 4pm after alot of waiting around (arrived at the office at 9am and waited until 12pm and then had a 3 hour car journey to the harbour which we were not told about). Day 2 is essentially just travelling all day. Day 3 and 4 are the best days but even on day 3 we missed Gili Laba off the itinerary and were not told why. The guides spoke limited English and did not tell us any information about anything during the trip. We would have atleast expected an introductory briefing/ to be told their names and an explanation of the plan for the next 4 days. We only knew what we were doing next if someone had the itinerary to hand or if we specifically asked. The food on the boat was ok but very repetative (rice or noodles and cabbage and carrot.. We only had meat for one meal). The breakfast was banana and pineapple pancake and when we asked the guide if we could have one without the fruit he said no because they had already made them, there was no alternative so was left with no breakfast atall. The stops on day 3 and 4 are amazing and you should not let this review put you off doing the trip... maybe just pick a different company! :)
05 Aug 2019 on TripAdvisor
Its basic, but for the money you get a lot! Perfect for people with a backpacker standard Its a fantastic tour! Komodo is amazing! The boat is in good condition and pretty clean There is always enough food The orginisation is just good enough Some considerations: The tour really depends on the guide, cook and staff. Most important the other guets: there are lots of other travelers, so if don't like the backpacker thing, its maybe not the best choice. The awesome activities are just around Komodo, so the other two days are just cruising the long distance and getting drop of/picked up, with not many special activities Therefore if you have to do the way anyway (get to lombok or bajo). Yes, do it for sure. If you just do the trip: No i would do just a komodo tour. Because the ocean is always quite wavy, so not for people who get seasick quick. Thanks so much the crew! You're the best: Harry, Aret, Said, Yuda, Ari!
tylerull, United States
30 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
The trip and activities are great! The crew was super fun and helpful, the stops were really nice, the snorkeling was some of the best I've ever seen (and I'm a pretty experienced diver) and the vibe of other travelers on board is great, especially if you're in your 20's or low 30's. Great for solo or group travel! Pro tip: BRING LOTS OF BEER! I ran out twice and had to go through pretty long lengths to get more. I gave 5 stars for the experience, but be aware that the mattresses are thin, the blankets are pretty small, and there are only very basic shower/toilet facilities available. If you're like me, you won't care about that one bit while you're on this trip. Only piece of feedback I have is to give more time to trek on komodo and rinca for those of us who want it.