Frederik de Jong
02 Jan 2020 on SeekSophie
It was a nice stay because we got a upgrade to the treehouse. Strangely enough we had yo pay for the lunch during the safari, in the program it was included. The drive was 12 hours, which is too long, so we shortend it.
Victoria Brown, Malaysia
10 Oct 2019 on TripAdvisor
Had such an amazing stay at Wilpattu Tree House! We stayed at the top storey of the treehouse and we were treated to a stunning view of the tree line. The balcony was perfect to soak in the serene and peaceful surroundings. There is literally a branch coming through the walls, so I would suggest using the mosquito net when sleeping. There were some mosquitoes and lizards in the room at night, but we weren’t bothered by them. All part of the treehouse experience! The toilet and shower were in good condition, and the air conditioning and appliances all worked fine too. We had the buffet dinner at the restaurant the two nights we were there. And the food was simply delicious! Do take a walk by the small lake near the compound, it was a nice stroll with stunning scenery. Saw some deer in the distance too!
David F, Australia
10 Sep 2019 on TripAdvisor
We stayed for 2 nights in Tree house Deluxe Room which is apparently the properties best accommodation. Given the properties location it is well presented. Our tree house room was on the third floor. The last of the stairs to the room are reasonably steep and care needs to be taken. The room itself is fairly basic with no safe apart from a lockable cabinet. The outside sitting area is a pleasant place to sit and take in the surrounds. The bathroom on the other hand is grubby and unpleasant. The shower cubicle strangely has nowhere to store soap or shampoo and is severely stained (photos attached). The toilet hose leaked and continued to fall on the floor. The door handle came away from the door. Our room was not serviced, and on enquiry we told that the regular housekeeper was away and the backup was not up to standard. What the ......... The staff is friendly enough and the manager and his assistant took time to speak with us whenever possible. The food is adequate and plentiful. The beer was cold. We were told that elephants, from time to time, pass through the field in front of the hotel on their way to the nearby village. In fact, we were told in the early hours of the morning we arrived the elephants went to the village destroying a mango tree and some fences. Is this possibly the age old story ...”you should have been here yesterday..”. Low and behold that night at about 8pm there they were, several elephants not more than 100 metres in front of our tree house, passing through the field again on their way to the village. What a sight !!! We were only there two nights and given its location the property, apart from the bathroom, was OK as it is the closest property to the safari park. Would we recommend the property – too close to call.
acmemc, Sri Lanka
10 Sep 2019 on TripAdvisor
We were at the “Tree House” Hotel complex for one night. It was a family outing. Only on occupation that we realized that only two rooms had at least a part of a tree running through. Other Two rooms situated in a different building had no part of a tree at all. Only timber from, once fully-grown trees had been used! All rooms were priced the same and were offered as tree houses. Presentation & Cleanliness was very good. Illumination & fittings very good. Ample space in rooms. Room No 1 was very spacious and in fact had 4 beds and a part of a tree going through. Room No 2 had 3 beds & a part of tree. Room No 3 had 3 beds no part of a tree. Room No 4 was occupied by someone else. Rooms were very comfortable & cozy. With a private balcony too. Wash room was very spacious & modern with a large mirror. Although some minor maintenance work should have been carried out in the wash rooms. The Bidet shower was leaking & had to be closed all the time. The door handle to the wash room was broken. No soap holder inside shower cubicle. One problem cropped up in the night the tree on top of room No 3 had a lot of Bats so right throughout the night they were dropping seeds & the occupants got disturbed every 2 or 3 minutes. It was as if stones were thrown on the roof. The situation improved from about 11 pm to 3am. & it started again. This problem will have to be solved if the service is to be improved. The worse problem was there was no safety railing on the stairs which gave access to room No’s 1 & 2. (See photo). The stairs were a bit steep too. A small child could accidently fall to death without this protective railing. When this was taken up with the management, they informed me that the railing was under repair. Hope it will finish soon. The room No 1 which was on the top floor of this particular tree house was allocated to the family which had two kids one a 5-year-old & other a 2-year-old. Room No 3 & 4 the railing is very safe. If they were really concerned & knew about the problem the management should have warned us when allocating the rooms. As we could have switched the rooms. Food is generally ok. Not great but not bad. Quantity Ok. Quality & presentation can improve. Mini refrigerator & Coffee / Tea making available in the room. Overall experience was good.
Taraneh, Iran
10 Sep 2019 on TripAdvisor
the whole place was nice. we stayed at a tree house room, the view was very nice. the staff were friendly. the room needs a little renovation. the food was simple and delicious. considering staying in the heart of nature and with all the trees around, expect the insects.