Farm to Table Cooking Class in Beautiful Kampong Home

72 reviews

Farm to Table Cooking Class in Beautiful Kampong Home

72 reviews
3 hours
Private trip
Up to 15 guests
3 hours
Private trip
Up to 15 guests
  • Enjoy farm-to-table cooking at beautiful kampong home
  • Learn to make yummy Peranakan home-cooked meal
  • Perfect for families & groups of friends
  • Come and be a part of the One Kind Family! Learn to grow your own crops using the latest urban farming technologies; forage for fresh herbs and veggies to include in your meal. Then you'll learn to cook a three-course meal (being mindful of your diet and spice preference) using family recipes and enjoy it together while sharing stories.Your teacher will be Mummy Soh, a 80 years old champion of active elder ageing, growing wholesome foods that nourish the body and soul and cooking homegrown recipes. The class will be held at One Kind House, a family-run part urban farm, part cooking school, part collaborative workshop, where every visit conjures a 21st-century “Kampung” experience. Featured Dishes:Chilled Bittergourd SaladMummy's Soh Traditional Chicken Curry Tri-SuperFood Frittata of GotuKola, Ulam Raja & ChivesSeasonal organic greensBlue Pea Flower riceSeasonal Fruits with European Herb DipDietary Requirements: No Pork: none of the dishes served contain pork, however the kitchen is not certified halalVegetarian: the traditional curry can be prepared to be suitable for vegetarians (please indicate in the booking notes if any guests are vegetarian)
    What You’ll be Doing
    Itinerary:Cook up a delicious meal with the guidance from Mummy Soh!
    Show Details
    What’s Included
    Trusty recipes from Mummy Soh
    Traditional dishes with a twist (for lunch or dinner)
    Corkage fees: waived
    GIY (grow-it-yourself) plant watering tool
    Urban farming & sustainability tour of a 21st Century Kampung
    Show Details
    Prices in USD
    Select Time for 25 Feb 2024
    Where We’ll Meet
    Start Point
    Meet-up at One Kind House (Lorong J Telok Kurau, One Kind House, Singapore)
    • 15 mins before selected timeslot
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    • End at Start Point(s)

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    • Every Tuesday
      10:30AM - 01:30PM
      05:30PM - 08:30PM
    • Every Wednesday
      10:30AM - 01:30PM
      05:30PM - 08:30PM
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    Cancellation & Other Policies
    • Cancellation
      Cancel 7 days before activity for a full refund
    Suitability / Accessibility
    • Child Friendly (No Minimum Age)
    About Your Host
    One Kind House
    One Kind House is a family-run part urban farm, part cooking school, part collaborative workshop, where every visit conjures a 21st-century “Kampung” experience. It's for kind people who are also one of a kind. People who like growing, cooking and eating their own vegetables, learning old traditions and creating new ones.
    Experience: 6 years
    Speaks: Fluent English
    Acceptance rate: 83%
    Top Rated Host
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    4.972 reviews

    Helpful Questions

    Half of my team are foreigners interested to know more local SG Culture, will Mummy Soh be able to discuss this during preparation or sit down with us during the eating time to chat?
    Caro, 16 Oct 2023
    Hi Caro, yes, indeed! Our host typically conducts a comprehensive tour of the house and gardens, which encompasses a uniquely local farm-to-table food concept, all tied into our sustainable 21st-century lifestyle. During the cooking class, there will be ample opportunity for you to engage in conversations. Moreover, you'll have the chance to interact during the tour and dinner segment with various individuals working at One Kind House, including Mummy Soh. For your team members who are interested in learning more about local Singaporean culture, Mummy Soh will be more than happy to share insights during the preparation phase or join you for a chat during mealtime. We aim to provide a rich cultural experience along with the culinary one. Hope that helps! :)
    Are we allowed to continue staying in the venue for 20-30 minutes if our event slot ends at 1:30PM?
    Caro, 11 Oct 2023
    Hi Caro, Yes, you can stay for an additional 30 minutes after your time slot finishes.
    Thanks for your reply. May I know if possible to arrange a morning slot till lunch time? Maybe 10am- 130pm. Thank you.
    Sophie , 11 Aug 2023
    Hi Sophie, Regarding your question, we can check with the host for its possibility. Kindly send an email to along with the date you're interested in.
    Hi May I ask if the Kampong is air-conditioned? Also we are a team of 7, would you be able to accommodate? Thank you.
    Sophie, 11 Aug 2023
    Hi Sophie, we only have the open kitchen with a Big Ass Fan ( like in MRTs) installed to circulate the air and yes we can accomodate 7 people.
    Can you provide alcohol?
    Lina, 09 Nov 2022
    One Kind House does not serve alcohol as it does not have a license to do so, however you are welcome to bring your own alcoholic drinks. Corkage fees are waived!
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