Seek Sophie Creators - now open internationally!

Go Places, Make a Difference

Go on epic experiences for free and create content that supports local businesses
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Application period: 10 - 23 April
Go on Extraordinary Experiences, Tell Authentic Stories
If you’re a photographer or videographer who loves discovering new experiences & creating cool content - we’d love for you to join our Seek Sophie Creators Community! 
Come on our experiences for free, #supportlocal businesses and share them on social media.
The best of Komodo Island - pink beaches, epic views, incredible sunsets, manta rays, and of course, Komodo dragons!

Why be a Seek Sophie Creator

Go On Free Trips!

Go On Free Adventures!

Cool adventures in Southeast Asia await! Usually, you can bring along a friend too!
Join a Community

Join a Community

Connect with fellow creators and make new friends!
Create Content

Create Content

Shoot, edit and create awesome content and grow your portfolio
Help Local Businesses

Help Local Businesses

Support our amazing local businesses by making content and sharing them

Seek Sophie Creators Goes International

Creators from anywhere in the world are welcome, as long as you’ll be travelling in Southeast Asia in the next six months. We have cool experiences all over SEA you can go on!
(Only experiences will be provided, not flights or accommodation)

Meet Our Community

Here are some of our awesome Seek Sophie Creators (check out their work!)
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We are looking for...

A Storyteller
Loves telling stories in fun & interesting ways via short content
Photography Enthusiast
Have experience in photography and/or videography, with your own photo/video equipment and good post-processing skills
Outgoing Personality
Comfortable both on and off camera
Love Trends
Huge bonus if you love making Reels and TikToks!
Apply Now
Application period: 10 - 23 April


What will I be doing as a Seek Sophie Creator?
Other than having loads of fun, your other main priority would be to take content for the deliverables (below).
What is covered during the trips?
The experience itself will be free of charge, but flights, accommodations, food, and transport to and from locations will not be covered (unless already included in the experience). Depending on availability, you might be able to bring a friend or two along for free!
Do Creators need to be in Singapore?
No! You can be from anywhere in the world. However, most of our activities are in Southeast Asia so it would be a huge plus if you’re based here.
How will you choose Creators?
Creators whose style most aligned with ours will be prioritised. We will also be prioristing like-minded creators with similar values as Seek Sophie: creators who are willing to support local businesses by providing content.
Do I get to select which trips to go on?
We will let you know on an adhoc basis which trips we have available to send you out on. You can also let us know which trips you’re interested in and we’ll try our best to make it happen.
How many trips do I get to go on?
There is no minimum or maximum number of trips that you can go for. As our trips are adhoc in nature, we will only send you on a trip if the available trips we have match your travel destination. We will try our best to make a trip happen, but please note that signing up for this will not guarantee that you will go on a trip.
What are the deliverables?
Deliverables may differ based on the value of experience.
The minimum requirement for photos is 20 images per experience.
The minimum requirement for videos is 20 individual video clips and 1 x 30 second video per experience.
If we are able to host more pax or if it’s a high-value experience, you may be required to provide more content and might even be required to post on your Instagram account.
Where will my content be used?
Your content will be used on Seek Sophie’s website, Instagram and TikTok accounts and as social media ads to help our local business partners promote their trips. Since you will be taking content to help local businesses, they would also be able to use your content for their own purposes (social media, website, ads etc.)
Will there be an allowance?
No allowance will be provided.
Is there an age limit?
Applicants must be at least 18 years old.
Will I be required to use my own equipment, i.e laptops, cameras and such?
Yes, the default arrangement would be for you to use your own equipment.