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Frequently Asked Questions

How are my card details being protected?
We take security very seriously and protect your security in two ways. First, all pages on run on HTTPS which provides a secure, encrypted connection between your internet browser and HTTPS is the global standard used to protect highly confidential online transactions such as online banking services.
Second, we use Stripe, a global leading payment processing platform, for our payment services at Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the most stringent certification available in the payments industry worldwide.
When will my card be charged?
Your card will be charged when your reservation is confirmed by the host. Sometimes this is immediate, and at other times it will be up to 24 hours from the time of your reservation request. Your card will not be charged if your host is unable to accept your request.
(For customers in Singapore) If you pay by PayNow, your PayNow account will be debited at the time you make your request. If for any reason your host is not able to accept your request, you will be immediately refunded by PayNow.
I submitted a reservation, please can you let me know before you charge my card?
Your card will be charged at the time that your host confirms your reservation. We will always do our best to help, but sometimes it may not be possible to let you know before your card is charged as we don’t know when your host will confirm your request.
Is bank transfer payment an accepted method of payment?
You can contact us if you wish to pay by bank transfer and we can provide you with our account details. Please note that your reservation will not be processed until the bank transfer payment has been received.
Can I add more people to my booking after I have booked?
So long as there is no limit on the number of people your host can take for that specific date and time, you can certainly add more people to your booking.
If you wish to add more people to your booking, please do let your host know as soon as you can so that they can prepare additional supplies or staff, if needed. If any top-up payment is required, they will inform you and send you a payment link.
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