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We believe that great travel moments change everything

We believe that great travel moments change everything.

They make us happier, healthier and life looks brighter. And when we can leave something good behind, it’s pure magic. That’s why we started Seek Sophie - so that you don’t have to choose between the travel you love, and what’s good for the planet.

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We believe that travel can be a powerful force of good. That’s why we choose to work with local businesses that drive positive change in their own communities and natural environments. When travel spending is channelled towards impact-driven local businesses, it can lift communities out of poverty, and help conserve the world’s wildlife and forests.
Our Values - Community
Our Values - Simplicity


Planning a trip doesn’t need to be a complicated fact-finding mission. We do all the legwork to get all the facts on the ground, so that you can make the best travel choices for you. We believe in complete transparency and honesty, so that you can plan a trip in minutes, not hours.


For every dollar you spend on Seek Sophie, we offset one pound of carbon emissions. This means that the carbon footprint of travel is mitigated through tree-planting initiatives and capturing the methane for landfills and cattle farms. With each trip, we leave something good behind for the next generation.
Our Values - Sustainability

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