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Seek Sophie was started by two solo female travellers.
When we were planning a trip to Bali, we went to the ends of Google. We even asked a local to take us to places where only locals go.
But he took us to ‘artist villages’ with paintings that cost USD 1000, and IG-spots with massive queues.
That trip left us feeling empty. We couldn’t find a place online that spoke to travellers like us, so... we built it!
The Seek Sophie difference
We’re a marketplace, but a highly curated one. We go on the ground to try out experiences, and only list things on Seek Sophie that we believe are worthwhile, not tourist traps.
Travel as a force for good
Too much of travel is harmful. That’s why we do our homework to make sure that we only choose experiences that are good for local communities, wildlife and our planet.
So, who’s Sophie?
We get asked that a lot! There’s no one in the team actually named Sophie.
Sophie means wisdom in Greek - We wanted Seek Sophie to be about a type of travel that’s meaningful, rather than travel as just an escape. We wanted to be a place where travellers could find journeys and encounters that can change them.
We’re a small team of travellers scattered across Asia, operating out of co-working spaces, living rooms, and occasionally a mountain top somewhere. We find experiences that we love, and hope you love them too.
For the seekers
Seek Sophie is a tribe of curious explorers looking for what's real, not what's on show for tourists. We seek out experiences that spark wonder, and leave us (and the places we visit!) a little brighter.
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