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Welcome to
Seek Sophie

Our Story
We started Seek Sophie because it took us ages to plan our trips. We would go to the ends of Google, but all we found were the same touristy stuff over and over.
We wanted to see places that few travellers have been, places that were real - not just what’s on show for tourists. We wanted to meet passionate locals and connect with the place. We also needed to know that our travels were making a positive impact.
We couldn’t find anything online that spoke to travellers like us. So we built it for ourselves.
We started Seek Sophie for
travellers like us. Travellers
who are looking for
something real - not just
what’s on show for tourists.”
The Seek Sophie Difference
We’re a marketplace for experiences, but a highly curated one. We’re here to cut through the noise online, not add to it.
That’s why our team obsesses about every single experience on Seek Sophie and would only list experiences that we would recommend to our friends or family.
Our promise is simple: Nothing Crappy Here.
If we love something, we’ll shout it from the rooftops. If something is touristy but worth seeing, we’ll be honest and let you decide. And if something is a tourist trap, you won’t find it on Seek Sophie.
We’re not for everyone. We love adventure, so we find experiences that take us out of our comfort zones.
We believe that travel should benefit local communities, so we work with small local businesses, instead of mass market attractions.
We worry about over-tourism, so we find guides who care for the environment, and who take (where possible!) lesser-known trails.
Our Mission: Travel as a Force for Good
We believe that travel can be a powerful force for good.
One of our partners leads hikes in Borneo’s 130M-year-old rainforest. Before, local villagers saw wildlife as threats to their crops and hunted them.
Our partner saw this and started training villagers to become wildlife guides. Soon, the poaching stopped - even villagers who didn’t work in tourism stopped when they realised how precious wildlife was.
We’ve seen this over and over in our travels. When we support amazing local businesses, incredible change happens
As we travel, we’re mindful of the needs of our environment. That’s why we offset the carbon footprint of every experience through planting trees, and protecting carbon-sequestering ecosystems such as mangrove forests.
With your help we have offset over-2 million kg of carbon. That’s almost 20 years’ worth of flights from Singapore to Bali! And we have supported over-1000 awesome local businesses.
It’s only the beginning, and there’s so much more to be done. Thank you for being on this journey with us :)
Who is Sophie?
We get asked that a lot, and no, there’s no one in our team named Sophie 😅 Sophie actually means wisdom in Greek. We wanted Seek Sophie to be about a type of travel that’s meaningful, rather than travel as just an escape.
Seek Sophie was founded by Jacinta and Lina, solo travellers who bonded over their love for off-grid adventures. So Jacinta left her job in law, picked up coding and built version 1.0 of Seek Sophie’s website. Lina left her finance job, spent a year travelling across Asia in chicken buses, and found the best experiences to list on Seek Sophie.
Now, we’re a small team of travellers scattered across Asia, operating out of co-working spaces, living rooms, and occasionally a mountain top somewhere. We love everything nature & wildlife, with a dose of adventure. We want our lives to matter. We find experiences that we love, and hope you love them too ❤️