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We started Seek Sophie to connect travellers to unique experiences and incredible small local businesses

As solo travellers, we’re always on the lookout for adventure, and experiences with heart. A few years ago (pre-Covid!), one of us went island hopping in the Galapagos.
It was hard enough to book a boat online - but to make things worse - when we got there, we found out that those of us who had booked online had actually paid twice as much as those who booked with local boats in Ecuador.
This happened again with a safari in Uganda, and again with a trek in Indonesia. We got frustrated. It seemed like if you weren’t a giant cruise or a large theme park operator - if you were just a small local business trying to offer an alternative, something special with heart - you simply weren’t online.

We found out that over-80% of small local tourism businesses are still offline

Most of these local businesses are small mom-and-pop shops that don’t have the time or resources to set up their own website or online payment system. They prefer to be out kayaking, trekking and creating amazing experiences.

So we decided to go to them instead! We go from place to place, find experiences and local businesses we love, try them for ourselves and then list them on Seek Sophie for other adventurers to find.
Since 2018, your trips have supported thousands of impact-driven, small local businesses. These local businesses are often the bedrock of their local communities - they provide jobs, lead conservation efforts and create a thriving, creative ecosystem. By supporting them, you are also supporting their local communities.
When Covid happened, it decimated the tourism industry and the small local businesses we worked with have been among the hardest hit. But your support goes a long way in helping them recover.
We’ve been encouraged by so many who chose to take credits instead of refunds, and by so many who are choosing to explore locally to support these incredible local businesses. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

As travellers, we want to leave places better than we found them

For us that starts with supporting local businesses and communities, but it doesn’t end there. From day one we have also made you a promise to offset the carbon emission of all experiences booked on Seek Sophie, so all your trips will be carbon neutral.
Since 2018, you have helped to offset over a million tonnes of carbon - that’s amazing! Whether you have booked a yacht trip in Singapore, island hopping in Komodo or a leopard safari in Sri Lanka, your trip has left a positive footprint on both the local communities and the environment. Thank you for supporting Positive Footprint travel.

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