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Escape the Crowds with Our Favourite Treks in Asia 

Here are some of our favourite, under the radar hiking destinations for everyone, from an eager newbie to the master trekker with mountains under their belt.

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 3 min read
Escape the Crowds with Our Favourite Treks in Asia 

We love escaping to nature, and while it’s lovely to meet fellow hikers, we sometimes wish we had those paths, landscapes and views just to ourselves. Here are some off-the-beaten-path treks in Asia that allow us to revel in nature’s beauty without having to say “excuse me, coming through!”


This challenging hike is Malaysia's most remote UNESCO site

If you’re looking for a true explorer's journey, head to Mulu, Malaysia's most remote UNESCO site. The steep slopes and bridges on the way to the pinnacles are reputedly used by the Malaysian army for training. Besides the alien-like limestone formations, a four day trek will allow you to see the best of Mulu. From the largest caves in the world such as the Deer Caves to heart-pumping forest canopy walks, your experience in Mulu is bound to test your boundaries!

This volcano caused the biggest eruption in human history & inspired Frankenstein

Yep, Google Mt Tambora if you don’t believe us! Its 1815 eruption was so catastrophic that it blanketed countries all the way in the Northern Hemisphere with thick ash and even inspired the writing of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Historical, star-filled skies and tucked away, Mt Tambora’s mars-like landscape offers a great trek to escape to. This stunning, peaceful and yet adventurous two day trek up Mt Tambora will allow you to learn more about the very volcano that shook the world.

This hike takes you to Sabah's Lost World, the most untouched place on earth

Want to feel like you’re in Jurassic World - minus the dinosaurs? Maliau Basin, also known as Sabah's Lost World, is a 130M-year-old rainforest and one of the most untouched places on earth. Here you can trek into the virgin rainforest for a challenging 3-4 day trek, or just relax at Maliau's base camp for wildlife sightings. Prepare for a high price tag due to its remote location, but the bragging rights of having been here are priceless.

This is the non-touristy alternative to Bali’s popular trek

While the normal trek up to the summit of Bali's Mount Batur is extremely crowded, only a few people know about the lesser-known Caldera trek. This Caldera trek is easily accessible, making it great for adventure seekers who are extremely short on time. A one day trek will reward you with unparalleled sunrise views, and panoramic views of Mt Agung and even Rinjani on a clear day. After the trek, you can soak hot springs or taste locally grown coffee, making it perfect for those looking for a well-rounded experience!

This is the true Man VS Wild - find yourself in a jungle survival experience

For those up for an extra challenge, how does surviving in the heart of the Bornean jungle sound like? You’ll learn key skills like foraging for (the right) food, building your own makeshift shelter and probably the most important skill of all - making your own fire. These two days in the wild will no doubt help you discover what you're made and capable of!
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