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It was fun experience smelling the different types of scents. It’ll make an enjoyable activity with friends/ partner!
I really enjoy the candle making workshop.. Host was knowledgeable and share tips on how to apply perfume! Overall, insightful. :)
Overall it was a therapeutic experience for me and my partner. We hoped that there would be more essential oils choices and maybe some litmus paper or even tissue for us to test out the blends. The instructor was very patient and helpful, she even helped us fix some loose pieces of flowers that came off.

Helpful Questions

What is included in a candle making workshop in Singapore?
Typically, a candle making workshop in Singapore would include all the necessary materials and tools for making candles, as well as instructions from a knowledgeable instructor. Some workshops may also provide light refreshments or a take-home kit. Do check the inclusions list in the experience page for a detailed list of what's included.
What are the different types of candles that can be made in a candle making workshop in Singapore?
Lots! You can make a classic essential oil candle, or even a macaron shaped candle (great for kids!). Candle making workshops in Singapore often offer a variety of candle types, including soy candles, beeswax candles, scented candles, and more. Some workshops may also offer specialty candles, such as floating candles or pillar candles. Participants can choose the type of candle they'd like to make based on their preferences and skill level.
Are there any prerequisites for participating in a candle making workshop in Singapore?
No, there are no prerequisites for participating in a candle making workshop in Singapore. Workshops are designed for people of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced candle makers. All you need is a passion for crafting and a willingness to learn. Workshops usually provide all the materials and tools needed, so you don't need to bring anything with you.
What are some popular candle making techniques used in Singapore?
Some popular candle making techniques in Singapore include container candles, pillar candles, gel candles, and soy candles.
Where can I purchase candle making supplies in Singapore?
You can purchase candle making supplies in Singapore from online stores like Craftiviti, Spotlight, or physical stores like Art Friend and Golden Dragon Store.
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