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Lombok Bike Trip
Founded in 2009 by Pak Toni, Lombok Bike Trip currently has 10 bikes and is providing jobs to freelance guides in Lombok. All their guides speak English.

Helpful Questions

What are the popular cycling routes in Lombok for tourists?
Some of the popular cycling routes in Lombok for tourists include East Lombok Cycling, Sembalun Cycling Tour, Biking through Rural Lombok, and MTB Riding Adventure. These tours offer scenic routes along rice fields, hills, and village communities.
What is the best time to go on a cycling tour in Lombok?
The best time to go on a cycling tour in Lombok is during the dry season, which runs from May to September. This time of year offers ideal weather conditions to explore the island on a bike tour, as there is less rain and humidity.
Do I need to bring my own bike for a cycling tour in Lombok?
No, you do not need to bring your own bike for a cycling tour in Lombok. There are many tour companies that provide bike rentals, including mountain bikes and road bikes, with helmets included. However, if you prefer to bring your own bike, you may do so.
What should I bring with me on a cycling tour in Lombok?
You should bring comfortable clothing, sunscreen, a water bottle, a small backpack for personal belongings, and a camera or smartphone to capture photos of the stunning scenery. It is also important to wear appropriate shoes for cycling, such as sneakers or cycling shoes.
Are cycling tours suitable for beginners in Lombok?
Yes, cycling tours in Lombok are suitable for beginners, as long as you are comfortable riding a bike for an extended period of time. The tours typically offer various route options based on the skill level of the participants. It is important to ask the tour company about the difficulty level of the ride before booking to ensure it fits your abilities.
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