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Gili Meno

Smallest and quietest of the three Gili Islands for the most peaceful holiday

Helpful Questions

What are some popular activities to experience in Gili Meno?
Some popular activities to experience in Gili Meno include snorkeling with turtles, exploring the underwater sculptures of the Nest and the BASK Gili Meno art installation, paddleboarding, watching stunning sunsets, and visiting the Gili Meno Bird Park.
Are there any unique dining experiences in Gili Meno?
Yes, Gili Meno offers unique dining experiences such as beachside candlelit dinners, romantic dinners under the stars, and fresh seafood BBQs. You can also find cozy beachfront cafes and restaurants serving a variety of cuisines.
What types of accommodation options are available in Gili Meno?
Gili Meno offers a range of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. You can find beachfront resorts, cozy bungalows, luxury villas, and even eco-friendly glamping options. Some popular resorts include Karma Reef, Seri Resort, and Mahamaya Boutique Resort.
Are there any cultural experiences to explore in Gili Meno?
Yes, Gili Meno offers some cultural experiences for visitors. You can visit the Gili Meno Bird Park to learn about local bird species, take part in traditional Sasak weaving workshops, and explore the local village to get a glimpse of the island's unique culture and lifestyle.
What are the best spots to watch the sunrise and sunset in Gili Meno?
Some of the best spots to catch the sunrise and sunset in Gili Meno include the west-facing beaches like Sunset Point, Turtle Point, and the Meno Sunset Swing. These spots offer breathtaking views of the horizon and the surrounding islands.
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