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Raza Jack
34 reviews
Raza Jack is one of the few guides that has decided to break out of the guesthouse hold and strike it out on his own. Growing up in Ketambe he learned the jungle like the back of his hand. He will be able to show you the best of the orangutan kingdom while taking care of all of your needs.

What Guests Say

281 reviews

One Thousand Hills accommodated us by offering vegetarian meals, and willingly prepared meals at various times in the day to accommodate our schedule. The staff were so kind and helpful. We really enjoyed the lo...

Elaine Alford

The trip was great value as we were picked up from Medan in a private car and taken six hours to Ketambe. The guest house was nice and comfortable and I loved the outside bathroom. The two days trekking was good...

Sarah Pratt

Helpful Questions

What is the duration of a wildlife walk in Medan?
The duration of a wildlife walk in Medan can vary depending on the specific tour package you choose. Generally, the duration of these walks can range from a few hours to a full day, or even multiple days with overnight camping options.
What wildlife species can be spotted on a wildlife walk in Medan?
The wildlife that can be spotted on a wildlife walk in Medan include orangutans, Sumatran tigers, elephants, gibbons, sun bears, and various bird species. The specific wildlife species that can be spotted depend on the location and tour package you choose.
What kind of terrain can visitors expect to encounter on a wildlife walk in Medan?
Visitors can expect to encounter a variety of terrains on a wildlife walk in Medan, including dense jungle, rugged trails, river crossings, and steep inclines. Visitors should be physically fit and prepared for hiking in potentially challenging conditions.
Are there any age restrictions to joining a wildlife walk in Medan?
Yes, there may be age restrictions for certain wildlife walks in Medan, especially ones that involve long hikes or overnight camping. Visitors should check with the tour operator for any age restrictions before booking. Children under 10 years old may not be allowed to join some walks.
What should visitors bring on a wildlife walk in Medan?
Visitors should bring comfortable trekking shoes, appropriate clothing for the weather conditions, insect repellent, sunscreen, a hat, a raincoat or poncho, a camera, and a personal water bottle. Some tour operators may provide some of these items, but visitors should check beforehand.