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Private Dining in Singapore

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Private dining = next-level food adventures! Find unique menus, intimate spaces, and flavours that you won't forget.

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Friendly host and great food!
Tan Kit Yong
Al was very friendly to open his home for a lunch, and patiently explained each dish and alcohol that he served! We had a better understanding of cultures born out of food, and not to mention Al's cooking was fantastic. Kudos and I look forward to finding another opportunity to dine again.
Aunty Pek was very friendly and the food tastes awesome! Conducive and cosy venue too. Thank you for the awesome private dining experience! :")

Helpful Questions

What is private dining in Singapore?
Private dining in Singapore refers to the practice of hosting an intimate dining experience in a private setting, such as a chef's home or a specially designed venue. Private dining offers a unique culinary experience, often featuring personalized menus and attentive service.
How do I book a private dining experience in Singapore?
You can book it directly on Seek Sophie - all our private dining experiences have been personally tested by the Seek Sophie team! Once you have made your booking with your host, you can also discuss your requirements and preferences - for e.g. if you're celebrating a special occasion.
What is the cost of private dining in Singapore?
Usually you should expect to pay from $120 to $200 per person for a private dining experience. The cost of private dining in Singapore can vary depending on the venue, menu, and level of service. As private dining is only for a small group (often only for your group for the evening!), it affords a lot more privacy and authenticity than a usual restaurant experience. The food is also often sourced sustainably and from reputable local markets and grocers - so the quality will tend to be higher than most restaurants. So all of this will be factored into the price.
What are some popular private dining options in Singapore?
Some popular private dining options in Singapore include Alma by Juan Amador, Gunther's, Cut by Wolfgang Puck, Iggy's, and Corner House.
How can I book a private dining experience in Singapore?
You can book a private dining experience in Singapore by contacting the restaurant directly or through online reservation platforms like Chope or Quandoo.
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