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Bali Climbing
37 reviews
Bali Climbing is the only climbing and bouldering gym in Canggu, Bali. They pride themselves as professional climbers and certified instructors who can help you get fit in a safe and supportive environment. Bali Climbing is not just a place to get a good workout – it is also a diverse fitness community that welcomes everybody!

What Guests Say

37 reviews

Me and my boyfriend went to Bali Climbing just to work out actually because apart from the bouldering gym, they also have free weight, bars, rings and ropes available. The bouldering area looks very nice, there ...

soldelcarlo, Sao Paulo

Small but mighty! They change the routes weekly, there's plenty of levels, good for everyone and a bunch of weights and workout gear. Staff are so lovely and happy to give you tips. Go early, get sweaty and have...

Mel Maw

I went to this bouldering gym today for the first time, and absolutely loved it. This was my first time every doing any kind of rock climbing and the kind staff were very helpful from finding the right shoe fit,...

Cassie Marie

Top for the kids and adults too 

Vincent Tafanelli

Great place for climbing in Bali. Friendly and helpful staff.
They change the route everyday so it’s never boring
Highly recommend even for beginners
European standard

Maia Terreni

Best place ever to empty your mind !!! Have fun keep in shape and laugh with friends... we had a great time def come back again


I had the pleasure to climb a few times in this gym. They have great equipment, everything you would need to get stronger for bouldering. They also organise top rope/lead climbing tours to Uluwatu.
Highly ...


Went for a quick climb by myself, lovely people and great facility! Easy routes for an amateur like me as well of plenty of difficult routes. Highly recommend.

Amie S

Helpful Questions

What are some popular rock climbing spots in Indonesia?
Some popular rock climbing spots in Indonesia are Batu Caves in West Java, Air Jeruk in Sumatra, and Kledung Pass in Central Java.
What is the best time of year to go rock climbing in Indonesia?
The best time of year to go rock climbing in Indonesia is from May to September as it is the dry season and has lower humidity levels.
Is rock climbing in Indonesia suitable for beginners?
Yes, there are many beginner-friendly routes available in Indonesia for those new to rock climbing. However, it is recommended to go with a guide or experienced climber for safety reasons.
What equipment is required for rock climbing in Indonesia?
Standard rock climbing equipment such as a harness, helmet, climbing shoes, chalk bag, and ropes are required for rock climbing in Indonesia. Some climbing spots may require additional equipment, so it is best to check beforehand.
Is rock climbing in Indonesia safe?
Rock climbing can be dangerous if proper safety measures are not taken. It is recommended to climb with a guide or experienced climber, wear proper equipment, and follow safety guidelines. However, with the right precautions, rock climbing in Indonesia can be a safe and enjoyable experience.
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