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Great guide. Not too busy. Was good to learn and try the drinks.


Highly recommended experience. Great to learn the history of the area in such an engaging way!


Robin, our host, is extremely informative, helpful and experienced in his skills. He catered to my special request and made our trip really memorable. I would strongly recommended this tour to people from all wa...


Dom is really knowledgeable in cocktails! He was very patient in explaining how each cocktails are made and improvised the concoctions along the way as we made some blunder on the volume etc. We loved that he wa...


An experience like no other. This experience takes you into the underbelly of an already bustling area. The narrative transports you back into 70’s with the narrators innate ability to get the consumers to reson...


We had an enjoyable fun time at One Kind House. Mummy Soh is welcoming and super friendly. We love the old vibe of the house and it is nostalgic of our young days. Many furniture and things are so cool and uniqu...

Mei Ling

This is a must! We loved it so much and our tour guide was phenomenal!

Ruth McLennan

Flexible when facing mishap child. Appreciate her patience.

Ang Lay Yong

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