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The Unexpected
166 reviews
Founded by Clarence and Candice, the coolest husband and wife team, the Unexpected is a collection of the most fascinating passion-led experiences in Singapore. They first started with a rooftop farm to house their rescue bees, then kayaking to hidden places in Singapore, then cocktail making, and so much more! To make it even cooler, their experiences (other than kayaking!) also take place in their home - a secret rooftop speakeasy that feels like you're in London or New York.

What Guests Say

332 reviews

Bees experience was awesome, especially feeding the bees with pollen. Staff was very friendly and engaging. Strongly recommend trying!


So happy I chose to celebrate my hubby's birthday here! The climb up to the top seemed a little queer at the start as we didn’t know what to expect but we were all amazed when we reached the rooftop garden!


Had a great time learning about composting, bees and honey! It was a lovely time in a lovely rooftop garden.

Christopher Gn

Very fun trip, Clarence is very knowledgeable about bees and nature. Took my wife there for her birthday and she loved it. I just wish there were separate booking categories for adults and children - of course k...


Guide was very friendly and welcoming. He made us feel comfortable and relaxed. He shared alot about bees and sustainable farming in an interesting manner, relating it to Singapore. I would 100% recommend this ...

Tan Joonchien

The guide was extremely knowledgeable, and passionate about bee rescuing, honey making and he was able to walk us thru a fascinating journey from the composite to the honey production of the different species of...

Ricardo Communod

This is a truly unique and unexpected experience. Love the urban rooftop farm, the apiary and sunset cocktails. Great for families looking to do something different in the East.


Enjoyed the experience. The host was also knowledgeable and it has been an educational one for me.


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