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Odyssey Boards
26 reviews
Odyssey Boards is Singapore's first longboard brand. Established in 2016, Odyssey Boards has kickstarted over 3000 adventures in Singapore alone. Whether it's from our high quality handmade longboards to exciting fun-filled classes, you're in for a treat with us!

What Guests Say

52 reviews

Awesome intro class and instructor was very friendly!! Overall good vibes and will defo go again.


The instructor Fendi is so nice and friendly, very clear instruction and easy to learn

Mun Yee

Location was great plenty of room to practice. Instructor was super nice. It is a beginner class though so if you have basic boarding skills it won’t be too challenging.

Son Tran

Fendi was 10/10. Lesson was well taught and easy understand. Strongly recommend for beginners looking to start skating. 10/10 will do again :)
My date really enjoyed it. 9.5/10 first date recommendation. C...

Chong Choon Han

Great learning experience from Fendi. Very patient and encouraging. Positive vibes. We had a great time on our anniversary doing something super fun, challenging and exhilarating. From noob to cruise mode. 🚀<...

Eugene Wong

Friendly and patient instruction. We both had a great time.


James was very patient and guided us through session with many encouragements:)


Really enjoyed our longboarding session with Amos. When I first stood on the board, I thought I wouldn’t be able to use it, but he had us doing laps of the stadium in 30mins (I’m 46!). I want to buy a board now....

John Ward

Helpful Questions

Is longboarding legal in Singapore?
Yes, longboarding is legal in Singapore as long as you wear appropriate safety gear like helmets and gloves while riding and follow all traffic regulations. The Land Transport Authority has also set specific rules for using personal mobility devices like longboards on public roads and pathways.
Which are the best places for longboarding in Singapore?
Some of the popular locations for longboarding in Singapore are East Coast Park, Fort Canning Park, Marina Barrage, and West Coast Park. These locations offer smooth roads, scenic views and ample space to ride and practice your longboarding skills.
What types of longboards are suitable for riding in Singapore?
When it comes to longboarding in Singapore, a cruiser or a hybrid longboard would be the best choice. These boards are perfect for commuting, cruising, and carving, as they offer stability and maneuverability on different terrains. Additionally, smaller longboards are preferable for riding on crowded and narrow pathways.
What are the safety precautions to follow while longboarding in Singapore?
To ensure safe longboarding in Singapore, always wear appropriate safety gear like helmets, gloves, and knee pads. It is also advisable to ride in a group, especially if you are a beginner, and to keep an eye out for other pedestrians and vehicles on the road. Moreover, avoid riding in wet or slippery conditions, and choose well-lit roads to ride at night.
Are there any longboarding clubs or communities in Singapore?
Yes, there are several longboarding clubs and communities in Singapore, like the Longboard Love SG Community and the Singapore Longboard Community. These communities provide a platform for longboarding enthusiasts to share their experiences, organize events and activities, and help beginners learn the basics of longboarding through group lessons and workshops.
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