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The Host and Captain are very friendly and helpful; they are on stand-by for us and helped us along the trip. They allowed us to come in early for our decorations and helped with our food arrangement. It was a f...

Le Thi Thu Trang

Friendly staff and a memorable day on the boat with 8 people


We had a great time on the boat. Lisa was very responsive and answered all our questions quickly. Thanks for a great afternoon

Ashley Keohan

Excellent service! We felt very comfortable and safe, we also wanted to paddle board and they managed to help us get a rental!!

Sandra Lynn

Fantastic trip, BBQ was great, boat was very nice and crew helpful, had a wonderful day out

alex kerr

It was a great afternoon with friends!! The yatch is wonderful and the crew was friendly and helpful... We really enjoyed our getaway 🌊🌴

Cecilia Rojas

It was great fun! Thanks for taking good care of us!

sumei loh

It was great time with young kids and we all enjoyed it. The trip was well structured and the service was also great from the friendly staff.


Helpful Questions

What is Hantu Island in Singapore?
Hantu Island is a small island located off the coast of Singapore, and is known for its beautiful coral reefs and diverse marine life. The island is a popular destination for snorkeling and diving, and offers a unique opportunity to explore Singapore's underwater world. The oil tankers around do tend to kick up some sand though so you won't get great visibility here. The marine biodiversity here is so rich that the government had plans to create a marine sanctuary here - but the plans were dropped after opposition from conservationists. So it's actually a great place to do an intertidal walk to spot marine life!
Can I camp on Hantu Island, and what other activities are available?
Camping is not currently allowed on Hantu Island, but visitors can still enjoy a range of activities on the island such as intertidal walks and watersports. A popular thing to do is to take a yacht out to Hantu Island and enjoy water activities by the island, and chill on the yacht to watch the beautiful sunset here. It's important to note that visitors are not allowed to remove or damage any marine life or natural resources on the island, and are expected to practice responsible tourism behaviors.
Where are the most popular activities for Hantu Island?
The popular activities for Hantu Island are:
Where are the must-dos in Singapore?
Top places of interest in Singapore are:
  • Sentosa - here you can do Yacht Rentals, Nature Walks, Hiking, Fishing, Sightseeing Boat Cruise, Perfume & Aromatherapy, Cocktail Making Classes and eFoiling
  • Lazarus Island - here you can do Yacht Rentals, Fishing, Diving, Private Dining and Cocktail Making Classes
  • Pulau Ubin - here you can do Kayaking, Nature Walks, Fishing, Hiking, Yacht Rentals and Sightseeing Boat Cruise
  • Joo Chiat - here you can do Creative Workshops, Cooking Classes, Private Dining and Walking Tours
  • Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve - here you can do Wildlife Walks and Nature Walks
The must-do activities that Singapore is popular for are:
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