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Bike Around Tour Singapore
88 reviews
Jeff, the founder of Bike Around Tour Singapore offers tours on two wheels alongside untold stories and fun facts about Singapore. Most customers raved about his enthusiasm which brought each place to life and a well-crafted cycling experience that even locals love!

What Guests Say

158 reviews

Wonderful experience. Thanks it was engaging, enjoyable and interesting!


Interesting experience, would do again!


It was a very interesting tour, and the audio was made very well. One issue was the fact that there was no accessibility notice on the website. My mother cannot climb stairs, and we had no idea that the walking ...


Really interesting experience to learn about the neighborhood while walking around hearing stories to imagine how it used to be, though the narrative is sadder than I would have expected. We added the flight of ...


The audio experience was truly immersive and the buzzling road of japan besar on a friday night made the experience engaging. The old house reproducing the 60's was also quite good.


The overall experience was unique and fun!! We came on a Saturday night and although little india was crowded (esp bc of Deepavali), the audio guide was easy to follow and navigate through the different parts of...

Albanie Chua

It was 10/10 i would recommend! Plucking into the earpiece and transport back in time to 1960s

Interesting and Engage story telling experience way beyond my expectations. Tbh, we was even hoping for more...

Carrie & JM

Helpful Questions

What is the best time to visit Little India, Singapore?
The best time to visit Little India, Singapore is during the Deepavali festival, which usually falls between October and November. During this time, the streets are decorated with colorful lights and there are cultural performances and food stalls set up to celebrate the Hindu festival of lights.
How do I get to Little India, Singapore?
Little India, Singapore is easily accessible by public transportation. The fastest way is probably by MRT, but it's also easily accessible by bus and you can also get there by cab.
What are the must-try Indian dishes in Little India?
Some must-try Indian dishes in Little India include biryani, butter chicken, masala dosa, samosa, and mango lassi.
What are the main attractions in Little India?
The main attractions in Little India include the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Mustafa Centre, Tekka Centre, Little India Arcade, and the Indian Heritage Centre.
Are there any traditional Indian clothing stores in Little India?
Yes, Little India is known for its wide range of traditional Indian clothing stores. Visitors can find sarees, salwar kameez, lehengas, and other traditional Indian garments.
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