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Kabuke Den
5 reviews
Keiji Heng, the co-founder and chief sake sommelier at Kabuke Den, has an infectious enthusiasm for sake that is hard not to catch. Although he came to sake as an alternative to wine due to an allergy, since then he's developed an unwavering passion for this storied drink. His mission is to introduce people to the intricate world of Sake, lifting the veil of mystery and creating an environment of camaraderie and knowledge sharing, while at the same time supporting small and independent sake breweries around Japan. Keiji loves discovering and curating sake selections that come from the rare woman run breweries or ones that have recently been given a second life when taken over by passionate young people. If you have any doubts whether sake is for you, Keiji's passionate stories will make you a convert.

What Guests Say

14 reviews

Enjoyed the session very much! Keiji shared his sake knowledge enthusiastically and we learnt a lot from him :)

Poh Kah

Keiji had a great knowledge of sake. He is clearly very passionate about the drink and it showed (in a positive way).

We enjoyed the educational element and last but not least loved the sake selection!!...

James Jones

If you are a cheese and wine lover, highly highly recommend this place! They served really good quality and special cheeses and wine. Honestly worth the money. Not to mention the staff were so hospitable and fri...


Overall environment and food are good. Staffs are friendly. Seats with backrest will be much comfortable. Also, for safety concerned, chairs should be made of steel or wooden as plastic may give way easily.


Where do I even begin? The hosts were very friendly and extremely approachable; there's so much food it's advisable you go in with a skipped dinner; wine selection was good and clearly explained. Was worth the...


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