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Umni is very knowledgeable and friendly and also patient when teaching. I learnt a great deal and highly recommend her classes.

Mike Chua

Super fun session with Unmi! She was friendly and knowledgeable, guided us throughout the soap making process, great experience!


The instructor is nice. The class is interesting and easy to follow.


This was a relatively fast-paced workshop where nimble fingers and speed are valued. The final product of a rose-soap is pretty and satisfying, but for those who need would like to take your own time, that is a...


Arrange the rose making lesson for my mom, whiles I was at work.
She really enjoyed the experience and learned a new skill she could not wait to show her graft buddies back home!

Really recommend...


Unmi is very friendly and patient. Great experience!

Tobias Yeo

Minimalist/functional workshop area. The class felt slightly rushed but otherwise an educational experience.

Ivan Ho Yuen Pui

Ms.Umni is very friendly, accommodating, and knows her stuff.. looking forward to more classes with her.

Nimfa Su

Helpful Questions

Do I need any special equipment or materials for soap making classes in Singapore?
Most soap making classes provide all of the necessary equipment and materials for the class, including soap base, fragrances, and molds. However, it's important to check with the class provider beforehand to ensure that you have everything you need. Some classes may recommend that you bring an apron, gloves, or other protective clothing to prevent burns or irritation.
Are soap making workshops suitable for team building?
Yes! Lots of teams choose soap making workshops as a team building activity. It's a fun creative thing to do, suitable for everyone and you'll also get to take something really useful home!
Can I use the soap that I make in the soap making class at home?
Yes of course you can! The soap making classes here use all organic ingredients so the soaps that you will be making are all non-toxic and great for sensitive skin. So the soap that you'll be learning to make in class are actually better quality than most that you buy in the shops!
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