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We offer terrarium and moss frame private workshops at our dedicated studio, stocked with a variety of plants, materials, creative add-ons and even crystals!

What Guests Say

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A delightful and calming way to spend my morning, the workshop offered hands-on experience which allowed me to tap on my creativity and provided a therapeutic escape from work.


I like that there is a huge variety of plant and materials for us to use freely.
I only dislike about the materials is on the floor which is not convenient to take.

Suk Mei

The workshop was very enriching. Everyone was so cooperative and nice. Works better than therapy😜. The happiness of creating something of your own is immense.

Kuhoo Nayak

The instructors were helpful and explained the steps clearly.

They also gave us the time and freedom to decide on our designs. Quite a wide range of decorations available ranging from moss, preserved flo...


Environment was pleasant and cosy and the instructor was very patient, helpful and knowledgeable. Overall a very enjoyable session for me and my daughter and I will strongly recommend it for families, couples an...


Instructors were very nice and patient, gave great advice on how to design the terririum and how to maintain the plants.

Sheng Jie

It was fun making terrarium from scratch! The staff were really nice and patient with guiding us on how to do it! I was really an enjoyable experience!


Had a really good experience making our terrarium! Went there as a birthday gift and the guide was very friendly and helpful, helping us to adjust our terrarium to achieve our desired look!

Zheng Wei

Helpful Questions

What is included in a terrarium workshop in Singapore?
Typically, a terrarium workshop in Singapore would include all the necessary materials and tools for making a terrarium, as well as instructions from a knowledgeable instructor. Some workshops may also provide light refreshments or a take-home kit. You can see in the inclusions section of the experience listing page to see what exactly is included for your workshop!
What types of plants can be used in a terrarium workshop in Singapore?
In a terrarium workshop in Singapore, you can expect to use a variety of low maintenance, indoor plants, such as ferns, mosses, succulents, and air plants. The exact types of plants available may vary depending on the workshop provider, so do check the experience listing page to see what exactly is included for your workshop!
Are there any prerequisites for participating in a terrarium workshop in Singapore?
No, there are no prerequisites for participating in a terrarium workshop in Singapore. Workshops are designed for people of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced plant enthusiasts. All you need is a passion for nature and a willingness to learn. Workshops usually provide all the materials and tools needed, so you don't need to bring anything with you.
What are some popular terrarium workshops in Singapore?
Some popular terrarium workshops in Singapore include Botany Lab, The Green Capsule, EcoPonics, and Make Your Own Workshop.
What is included in a typical terrarium workshop in Singapore?
A typical terrarium workshop in Singapore includes all the necessary materials such as glass containers, plants, soil, stones, and decorative elements. Participants are also guided by experienced instructors on the process of creating and maintaining a terrarium.
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