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Gili Trawangan

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No cars, just bikes, gentle turtles, and sunsets that will take your breath away.

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Helpful Questions

What are some popular activities to do on Gili Trawangan?
Some popular activities to do on Gili Trawangan include snorkeling, scuba diving, cycling around the island, and visiting the Gili Trawangan Night Market.
Are there any water sports available on Gili Trawangan?
Yes, Gili Trawangan offers various water sports such as paddleboarding, kayaking, and jet skiing. You can easily rent equipment and enjoy these activities along the beautiful coastline.
What is the best time to visit Gili Trawangan?
The best time to visit Gili Trawangan is during the dry season, which extends from May to September. During this period, the weather is generally sunny with minimal rainfall, making it perfect for outdoor activities and beach relaxation.
Are there any hiking opportunities on Gili Trawangan?
While Gili Trawangan is mostly known for its beach and water activities, there are also hiking opportunities available. You can explore the lush interior of the island and hike up to the Gili Trawangan Viewpoint for stunning panoramic views.
What are some must-try local dishes on Gili Trawangan?
Some must-try local dishes on Gili Trawangan include grilled seafood, traditional Indonesian satay, nasi goreng (fried rice), and pisang goreng (fried bananas). These mouthwatering delicacies can be found at the local restaurants and street food stalls.
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