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Most Popular Rinjani Climb (Sembalun Route)
Rinjani's most popular summit trail. Takes 2-3 days depending on fitness levels!

4.8 (4)
|Up to 10 guests
Wouldn't have made it up and down the mountain without their help!!!
4.8 (4)
|Up to 10 guests
Superb guides + you get to see the best of Rinjani

Most Beautiful Rinjani Summit Climb (Torean Route)
The most beautiful and newest trek to summit. Takes 3-4 days depending on fitness!

5.0 (4)
|Up to 10 guests
Best Rinjani views; Unique route that few have seen

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What other guests say
48 reviews
Rudy was warm and welcoming and his trekking team took care of us well. Food was freshly cooked and service was great!
Li Wern
We had a wonderful half day walking through the kampungs and rice fields around Senaru. Yumi and Malai were wonderful guides who were happy to share their knowledge on the culture, flora and fauna of the region. We finished up with a visit to a beautiful waterfall but the absolute highlight for us had to be having a delicious dinner of local dishes (the tempeh was wonderful) while sat in a farmers bamboo shack in the middle of the rice terraces. Definitely recommend the walk and Rinjani women adventure we will definitely use them again when we next back in Lombok - perhaps we will do the volcano next time!!
A really beautiful and interesting trek. Our guides were knowledgeable and easy to chat with, and took great care of us. We saw stunning waterfalls, jungle, rice paddy, and traditional village life. We also had a delicious picnic lunch in the middle of the paddy fields. Everything was smooth and well organised and communication was excellent. Thank you!

Helpful Questions

What is Mount Rinjani?
Mount Rinjani the second highest volcano in Indonesia and one of the most beautiful mountain climbs in Southeast Asia! It is very challenging so you should definitely train up for the hike. Mount Rinjani is an active volcano located on the island of Lombok, in Indonesia. With an elevation of 3,726 meters (12,224 feet), it is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia and a popular destination for trekking and hiking. The mountain is known for its stunning views, including the crater lake of Segara Anak, and its unique flora and fauna.
How can I climb Mount Rinjani?
Climbing Mount Rinjani requires a certain level of fitness and experience, but it is possible to do so with the help of a guide. The most popular route is the Senaru route, which takes approximately two to three days to complete. Along the way, climbers will encounter a variety of terrain, including steep inclines, rocky paths, and dense forests. It is recommended to hire a local guide or join a tour group, as the trail can be challenging to navigate and the weather can change quickly. Mount Rinjani may also be closed off for climbers at certain times of the year - for e.g. if certain trails need to be repaired, so you should definitely plan in advance to go and check with us on the route beforehand!
What can I expect to see on Mount Rinjani?

We've done most of the mountains in Southeast Asia and we think that Mount Rinjani is still one of the most beautiful treks there is. Besides being famous for how difficult it is, Rinjani has one of the most beautiful views to offer in Indonesia. Even if you just make it up to the crater rim and not the summit, the views there alone are so worth it.

The peak of Mount Rinjani offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including the Segara Anak crater lake, which is located at an altitude of 2,000 meters (6,562 feet). The lake is known for its turquoise-blue color and is believed to be sacred by the local Sasak people.

But even if you don't make it to the summit, there are actually several crater lakes across the mountain which makes it a really picturesque climb the entire way, not only just at the summit.

The mountain is also home to a unique ecosystem, with a variety of plant and animal species, including monkeys, deer, and birds.

Do I need to train to climb Mount Rinjani?
As the second highest volcano in Indonesia, Mt Rinjani is considered a tough trek even for experienced hikers. Don't make the same mistake we did, we hiked 3726m to the summit without any training at all, and our legs almost gave way. We couldn't walk properly for a week... 😂 ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ The summit climb is the most brutal bit, because it's super steep and slippery. Oh and you'll be doing it in the dark, before sunrise. It's basically two steps forward, and one step back - in complete darkness! On the way down when your calves are aching, you get to run and slide down from the summit though! If you're reasonably fit (2 hours of cardio regularly once a week), you may still be able to do the trek without training. But it's a lot more fun if you train for it and you're able to enjoy it rather than just focus on survival! So if you're up for training, we would recommend starting 3-6 weeks in advance -with cardio twice a week and strength training 2-3 times a week.
What are the different hiking routes at Mount Rinjani?

There are two main trekking routes - one that takes you up the summit (Sembalun route), and the other that is easier and only takes you to the crater rim (Senaru route). Both take two days, but the Senaru crater rim route is suitable for beginner hikers whereas the Sembalun summit route is more suitable for intermediate hikers. We've done both and even if you just make it up to the crater rim and not the summit, the views there are still very worthwhile!

Route 1: Senaru trek (crater rim - easiest but no summit) - 2D2N

The Senaru trek is an easier trek that doesn't go to the summit, but instead goes to the beautiful crater rim. The trek starts from Senaru village and takes visitors through lush forests and traditional Sasak villages. The highlight of the trek is an overnight stay at Sembalun Crater Rim, where visitors can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. On the second day of the Senaru trek, visitors can enjoy a beautiful sunrise over Segara Anak Lake before trekking back down to Senaru Village.

Route 2: Sembalun trek (summit climb) - either 3D2N or 2D1N.

The Sembalun trek is the more challenging trek that takes you to the summit. The reason why the summit climb is challenging is because of the slippery volcanic ash sand - which means that during your summit climb in the dark, you'll be sliding back for every step forward that you take. The Sembalun route takes you to the Sembalun Crater Rim for the night before heading up for the challenging summit climb in the morning of day 2. Once at the summit you would head all the way back down to Sembalun to end the trek.

If you're a very fit hiker and want to see all the best that Mount Rinjani has to offer, you can also extend your summit climb with an additional trip to the lake. This will take 3 days (instead of the usual 2 days), and you'll head to the gorgeous lake for an overnight stay after you summit Mount Rinjani.

Route 3: Torean Route (hidden Jurassic park summit route) - either 3D2N or 4D3N

This route was created after the recent earthquake and is the least known route at Mount Rinjani, as well as the most beautiful. You will get far fewer crowds on this route, and it is by far the most beautiful route at Rinjani with views that look like they're right out of Jurassic park. It's as challenging as the Sembalun trek though, and we'd recommend 4D3N if you have time to give yourself more time to enjoy the views, and it's also less difficult if you spread it out in 4 days instead of 3 days.

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