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Five Art Studio
29 reviews
The studio is located in Keliki Village which is just a 15-minute drive from Ubud Center. It is a small village that inherits the artistic breadth of the unique Balinese Art. Learn to design and make traditional crafts from a group of local artists.

What Guests Say

55 reviews

Wow ! Bali is a place of beauty and kindness . It also has some extremely gifted artists and artisans who are willing to share their gifts- my wood working instructor at 5 Art Studio was patient and helpful. I’m...

Melinda Beach

Very skilled craftsmen. I would recommend that you communicate how much work you want to do on the carving yourself, since they will be passionately assisting and stepping in. Kind and clever people, with lots o...

Arne van der Esch

We had such a great time with Natalie to design and create a piece of furniture from bamboo to take home with us. Natalie and the Balinese craftsmen explained everything from how bamboo is used, treated and made...


Natalie was a great host and was able to translate with the local artisans which made it really feel like we were all apart of the process. The setting was great located in a bamboo structure among the beautiful...

Crockett and Helena build a table

The craftsmen were very knowledgeable and patient and helped us come away with a handcrafted wooden item we could feel proud of as a lovely memory of being in Bali. Highly recommend this place as good value for ...


Host were friendly and knowledgeable in their craft. They conducted their classes with sincerity and passion. Would wish that more time was given for the lesson so that we could finish the artwork without rushin...

Natalie Leo

Helpful Questions

What kind of woodworking classes are available in Indonesia?
There are a variety of woodworking classes available in Indonesia, ranging from beginner to advanced. Some of the most popular classes include basic woodworking, carpentry, furniture making, and wood carving.
How long do woodworking classes typically last in Indonesia?
The length of woodworking classes really depends on the course and level of skill taught. Some classes may be as short as a single session, while others may be a few weeks long. There are also some longer programs that can last several months. It's best to check with the specific course provider for details.
Who can enroll in woodworking classes in Indonesia?
Most woodworking classes in Indonesia are open to anyone who is interested, regardless of age or skill level. However, it's worth noting that some advanced classes may require certain pre-requisites or prior experience. It's best to check with the course provider to determine if the class is suitable for you.
What equipment is needed for woodworking classes in Indonesia?
The necessary equipment will vary depending on the course. Some basic classes may only require hand tools, while others may require larger equipment like saws, planers, and routers. Some courses may provide all necessary equipment, while others may require students to bring their own. It's important to check with the course provider for equipment requirements before enrolling.
Where can I find woodworking classes in Indonesia?
There are a variety of places to find woodworking classes in Indonesia, including vocational schools, community centers, and private workshops. Online searches and classified listings may also provide further options. It's recommended to check reviews and ask for recommendations before choosing a course provider.
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