Prambanan Temple

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UNESCO 9th-century Hindu temple complex with towering spires, intricate carvings, and a rich cultural history
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Great way to see and explore the temples round Jogja! Driver Andi was fantastic and got a great spot at the top of the hill to watch Borobudur emerge from the mist at sunrise. Car was a good 4x4 suitable for some of the bumpier roads. Clear and easy communication on the day and beforehand. Special thanks for Seek Sophie and Mega for double checking all post-Covid tour changes/accessibility of the temples and for coordinating with Ayla Tours. Would definitely recommend and use Seek Sophie again for future trips!

Helpful Questions

What is the cultural significance of Prambanan Temple?

Prambanan temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Central Java, Indonesia, is a Hindu temple complex built in the 9th century, showcasing exquisite architecture and reliefs depicting Hindu epics. Prambanan Temple also represents the return of Hindu power in Java after almost a century of Buddhist domination.

Can I visit both Prambanan and Borobudur Temples in one day?

Yes you can! The two temples are about 1.5 hours away from one another and it takes about 1.5-2 hours to see each one depending on your pace.

What is the best time to visit Prambanan Temple?
The best time to visit Prambanan Temple is during the early morning or late afternoon when the weather is cooler and the temple complex is less crowded.
Can I enter the main temples of Prambanan?
Yes, visitors are allowed to enter the main temples of Prambanan. However, it is recommended to respect the cultural heritage and follow any guidelines provided by the authorities.
Are there any guided tours available for Prambanan Temple?
Yes, there are guided tours available for Prambanan Temple. These tours provide detailed insights about the history, architecture, and significance of the temple complex. Visitors can book these tours at the entrance or through authorized tour operators.
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