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Fireflies Safari with conservationist

Explore enchanting fireflies safari in Balinese village & support conservation!
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3 hours
Booking type
Join-in trip
At location
Group size
Up to 17 guests
Experience the magic of fireflies in a local village + enjoy yummy dinner.
If you've ever wished upon a twinkling star, get ready to have that feeling amplified – meet the fireflies! Your host for the night believes these little guys are the earth's version of stars, and they'll take you on a quirky adventure to see them. Get ready to discover a hidden world of blinking lights as these luminous creatures dance in the twilight.You'll learn why fireflies are considered special by the Balinese, who believe they help guide spirits to the afterlife, and discover their role in maintaining a healthy environment. It's a truly special and unforgettable way to spend an evening in Bali.What to expect:A short walk through a local plantation area at dusk.Witnessing the magical light show of fireflies in their natural habitat.Insights into firefly behavior and their connection to local beliefs.Learning about firefly conservation and how you can help protect these wondrous creatures.Engaging in a short cooking experience, making local dishes such as Tempeh skewed with peanut sauce, Chicken stuffed inside bamboo and Mix steamed vegetable with grated coconut with the host's family member, and enjoying the meal you cooked. Important tips:Note: Depending on the location, there might be a small entrance fee to support local conservation efforts.Difficulty: The walk is generally easy and suitable for most fitness levels.Why is firefly conservation so important?Fireflies are magical creatures that light up the night sky. They are a joy to see, and their presence is a sign of a healthy ecosystem. However, fireflies are declining in many parts of the world, including Bali.There are many reasons why fireflies are disappearing. One reason is habitat loss. Fireflies need clean air, non-contaminated water, and fertile soil to survive. When their habitats are destroyed, they cannot live there anymore.Another reason for firefly decline is light pollution. Fireflies use light to communicate with each other, and when there is too much artificial light, they cannot see each other. This can lead to problems with mating and reproduction.Finally, fireflies are also being harmed by pesticides. Pesticides can kill fireflies directly, or they can make it difficult for them to find food.The decline of fireflies is a serious problem. Fireflies are important pollinators, and they help to control insect pests. They also play a role in the food chain. Without fireflies, our ecosystems would be less healthy.By joining this activity, you'll not only experience the magic of these creatures but also support their conservation in the village. Your participation directly contributes to their protection and a sustainable environment.
Experience highlights
Fireflies = Balinese spirit guides
Learn from local conservationists
Help protect a magical habitat
A super heartfelt Bali experience
Yummy local dinner included!
What You’ll be Doing
Firefly safari in Taro village. Learn about fireflies from a conservationist, observe their activities, enjoy the glowing night.
Show Details
What’s Included
Short cooking experience followed by dinner
Mineral Water
Next Available Dates
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Select Time for 21 Jul 2024
Additional Information
Where we'll meet
Start Point
Meet-up at Rumah Konservasi Kunang Kunang(Tegal Dukuh Camp, Taro-Bali, Indonesia)
  • 30 mins before selected timeslot
End Point
  • End at Start Point(s)
Start & ends
05:00PM - 08:30PM
Suitability / Accessibility
  • Vegetarian food available
  • Child Friendly (No Minimum Age)
Cancellation & other policies
  • Cancellation
    Cancel 24 hours before activity for a full refund
  • Minimum Participants
    If there are fewer than 2 participants, the host may reschedule or refund your booking.
S$ 62.3/person
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Meet your host
The team at the Firefly Conservation House are a fascinating mix of firefly-obsessed scientists and passionate conservationists deeply connected to the local community. They're working tirelessly to protect firefly habitat, partnering with farmers to adopt non-chemical farming processes, and conducting research in their lab – all while respecting the traditional knowledge that values these enchanting creatures. This isn't some sterile lab – get ready to learn, get your hands dirty, and feel like you're making a real difference.
Experience: 10 years
Speaks: Fluent English, Bahasa
Acceptance rate: 100%
Top Rated Host
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Helpful Questions

Is there any way to join tonight? I thought I booked but got distracted
Karin , 22 Jun 2024
Hi Karin, could you please email the number of people joining to We'll be happy to check with our host about the feasibility of this last-minute request.
Is the farm located closer to Ubud or Munduk. We are likely staying at both, so wanted to see which was best to travel from. Thanks!
Iain, 12 Jun 2024
Hello! It is closer from Ubud
Hi, we would love to book from Ubud, but wondering how to get there? Should we book a car and driver from Ubud? Thank you!
Jasmin , 15 May 2024
Hi Jasmin, Yes, you can book car and driver from our website
Is there space for 2 adults tonight?
Elaine ford, 11 May 2024
Hi Elaine, unfortunately there isn't availability for tonight. Please choose another alternative date that is available on our website calendar :)
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