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Build & Fly Your Own Drone!

Unleash creativity building & racing drones!
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1.5 hours
Booking type
Join-in trip
At location
Group size
Up to 60 guests
Exciting drone-building & racing experience
Designing, building, and racing drones through our obstacle course is a hands-on and exciting activity that can help children develop a wide range of skills, and hopefully, harness a deeper interest in technology and aviation! Our drones are easy to build and fly, with no complicated parts. This allows kids to experiment and unleash their creativity. If it crashes, all you’ll need to do is snap the pieces back together again!What to ExpectIgnite your child's curiosity in technology and engineeringHands-on workshops for kids to assemble their own drone while working in a teamUse and testing of drone during the workshopGaining insights into mechanics, electronics, and aerodynamicsBoosting confidence in mastering complex tasksExperienced facilitatorsUse of all materials neededWe want to nurture an early interest in technology and aviation, and providing a safe space for young learners to spread their wings in the world of robotics. We aim to develop skills such as:Engineering and Design Thinking - Designing a drone involves understanding the principles of aerodynamics, weight distribution, and balance. Children learn to think critically and creatively while designing a functional and efficient drone.Problem-Solving - Assembling and troubleshooting a drone involves identifying and addressing technical issues. Children develop problem-solving skills as they work to ensure the drone's proper functionality.Fine Motor Skills - Building a drone requires handling small components. Children refine their fine motor skills and dexterity through assembling and connecting parts.Teamwork and Collaboration - Building and racing drones often involves teamwork, encouraging children to collaborate, delegate tasks, and communicate effectively with their friends.Attention to Detail - Precision is key in building a drone that functions properly. Children learn to pay attention to details and follow instructions accurately.Electronics Basics - Drones often include electronic components like motors, batteries, and controllers. Children gain a basic understanding of electronics and circuitry as they connect and configure these parts.Risk Management - Navigating obstacles during a race involves assessing risks and making decisions to avoid crashes. Children learn to manage risks and make calculated choices.Resilience and Perseverance - Overcoming challenges and setbacks while building and racing a drone fosters resilience and the willingness to persevere in the face of difficulties.Sportsmanship - Racing against friends encourages good sportsmanship, teaching children how to compete fairly, celebrate successes, and handle losses graciously.Creativity and Innovation - In our advance course, children can customize their drones, encouraging creativity and innovation in their designs and strategies.
What You’ll be Doing
Drone-building workshop for kids
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What’s Included
Use of all materials needed
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Select Time for 22 Jun 2024
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Meet-up at Little Rangers Club (03-02)(Civil Service Club @ Bukit Batok, Bukit Batok West Avenue 2, Singapore)
  • Meet at selected timeslot
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Start & ends
  • Every Tuesday
    09:30AM - 09:00PM
  • Every Wednesday
    09:30AM - 09:00PM
  • Every Thursday
    09:30AM - 09:00PM
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Suitability / Accessibility
  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • Child Friendly (Recommended Age: 6+)
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    To secure your spot, your host will turn away other guests. Because of this, cancellations aren't allowed.
  • Minimum Participants
    If there are fewer than 3 participants, the host may reschedule or refund your booking.
S$ 63/person
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Tzehao and his team bring the energy, the expertise, and the secret sauce that turns teams into well-oiled collaboration machines. Their creative approach and fun-filled events will make your team stronger and more motivated than ever before.
Experience: 16 years
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Acceptance rate: 78%
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