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A Family Legacy | Melukat with Balinese Priestess

Immerse in Balinese purification ritual
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3 hours
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Join-in trip
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Up to 8 guests
A sacred Melukat ritual with Putu, a Balinese priestess.
Step away from the everyday and into a tradition centuries in the making. With Putu as your guide, you'll immerse yourself in the sacred Melukat water purification ritual, designed to wash away negativity and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.Putu and her family understand the true meaning of Balinese hospitality. From the moment you arrive, you'll feel welcomed into their world. Learn the intricate art of crafting traditional offerings, and allow Putu to guide you through a meditation session tailored just for you.The heart of the experience is the purification ritual itself. Bathe in the temple's holy waters, feeling the weight of worries and stress melt away. This isn't a crowded tourist attraction; it's an intimate, life-changing moment that connects you to something far deeper.What to expect:Genuine connection with a Balinese family passionate about sharing their culture.Hands-on learning about traditional offerings and their significance.A guided meditation, helping you prepare your mind and spirit for purification.The profound experience of the Melukat ritual in a peaceful setting.Important to knowThis experience offers a less-crowded, more authentic alternative to similar, more tourist-focused purification sites.Putu's guidance is essential, providing deeper understanding and a personal connection to the rituals.This experience is suitable for most fitness levels, as the hike to the temple waters is short and manageable.Respectful attire is required for the purification ritual, and your host will provide traditional garments.
Experience highlights
Balinese ritual with priestess family
Learn the art of sacred offerings
Cleanse in peaceful temple waters
What You’ll be Doing
Temple Immersion Experience
Show Details
What’s Included
Temple Admission
Temple Donations
Balinese Temple Attire for the ceremony
Pejati and Canang Sari Offering
Traditional Snacks and water
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Select Time for 23 Apr 2024
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Where we'll meet
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Meet-up at PURA MENGENING HOLY WATER TEMPLE (Pura Mengening, Indonesia)
  • Meet at selected timeslot
End Point
  • End at Start Point(s)
Start & ends
08:00AM - 11:00AM
Suitability / Accessibility
  • Vegetarian food available
  • Recommended Age: 16+
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    Cancel 24 hours before activity for a full refund
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S$ 54.45/person
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Namaste! I'm Putu Suciyati, born and raised in the enchanted land of Bali. I've always felt called to serve others, and my journey has led me here. Come, let us share the treasures of our culture, family traditions, and this sacred island. Bali welcomes you with open arms, offering healing, peace, and self-discovery. Welcome home! And know that we also support the welfare of our furry friends through BAWA, caring for Bali's stray animals.
Experience: 8 years
Speaks: Fluent English
Acceptance rate: 94%
Top Rated Host
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Helpful Questions

What should I pack?
- A towel
- Bathingsuit
- Changing Clothes
Is there any chance to experience the purification ceremony tomorrow around 2-3pm please? Thanks
Vesela , 23 Dec 2023
Hi Vesela, thank you for your inquiry. I've checked with our host, and I'm pleased to inform you that it's possible to schedule the purification ceremony tomorrow around 2:00-3:00 pm. If you have any further questions or if there's anything else I can assist you with, please email us at :)
Hi, this sounds very intriguing, I am just curious as to how long the ceremony takes so that I can plan around it accordingly. Kind regards Shilo
Shilo Wyatt, 14 Dec 2023
Hi Shilo, thank you for your interest! The ceremony typically lasts for about 3 hours. I hope this helps :)
Hi there! I would absolutely love to do the purification ceremony with you on Tuesday. But the problem is, that ot’s difficult to do it this early in the morning. Is there a possibility to do it later or in the afternoon? Thank you so much and warm regards, Anja
Anja, 29 Oct 2023
Hi Anja, It is possible to start later than 8.00 AM , for example at 10.00AM But please be note that starting later than 8AM, the temple will get busy. It is a lot better to experience the Melukat Ceremony early, starting at 8.00 AM
Can I book a little later than 8am? I’m doing a yoga training and my practice ends at 9:30. I would be able to arrive at the temple at 10am.
Adriana, 16 Oct 2023
Hi Adriana, You can contact us at and let us know the date you would like to book so we can check with the operator.
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