Driver and Car Hire

Driver and Car Hire

Private trip
Up to 30 guests
Free pick-up
Private trip
Up to 30 guests
Free pick-up
  • Private trip, customizable duration, flexible time
  • Inclusions: driver, car, petrol, parking, water, 130km/day
  • Reliable and flexible English-speaking drivers, accommodates groups.
  • This option is for travellers looking to do a round road trip. Pick your start date, the number of days you would like and you're all set! Once you have booked, we will be in touch to custom-design your perfect road trip with you. Please note that prices are based on a two-day minimum hire and return to the departure point. You can top up any additional amounts directly with the driver.
    What’s Included
    Parking tickets
    Up to 130km of driving each day (which can be rolled over if unused)
    Distances more than 130km each day. For every km after 130km each day (on average), an additional charge of US$ 0.34 will be payable. In addition, a charge of US$ 8.50 will be payable for each day the distance cap is exceeded.
    Driver accommodation (approximately US$ 7.50 to US$ 10 where driver accommodation is not complimentary)
    Show Details
    Prices in SGD
    Select Time for 23 Sep 2023
    Where We’ll Meet
    Start Point
    Free pick-up from Anywhere in Sri Lanka ( Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka)
    • Start time is flexible. Do let us know which time you prefer
    • Notes: Just pick the number of days you need a driver for, and the start and end point.
    End Point
    • End at Start Point(s)

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    Useful Information
    Start & Ends
    You can choose any start time. Just let your host know after booking.
    Cancellation & Other Policies
    • Cancellation
      Cancel 7 days before activity for a full refund
    Suitability / Accessibility
    • Child Friendly (No Minimum Age)
    About Your Host
    RD Expeditions
    RD Expeditions have a fleet of reliable and flexible local drivers that speak English well. They are flexible and can accommodate groups of various sizes. Note though that this option has extra costs compared with the other options - including higher charges for distances over the distance cap, and driver accommodation costs (which are not included in the price).
    Experience: 7 years
    Speaks: English. Chinese, French, or German speaking drivers can be provided with prior notice.
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