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Private Candle Making with Scent Engineer | Essential Oil Candles

A hands-on adventure into the world of fragrance!
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1.5 hours
Booking type
Private trip
At location
Group size
Up to 100 guests
Craft your own coconut-soy candle with scent engineers
Ever wondered how those fancy candles get their incredible scents? This private workshop takes the experience to the next level! You'll work one-on-one with scent engineers (cool job title, right?) to create your own customized coconut-soy candle. Sniff out exotic essential oils, learn how perfumes are designed, and even get the inside scoop on how brands use scents to influence us. No crowds, just you and your creativity! The best part? You'll blend your own unique fragrance and take home a 4oz candle – it'll burn cleaner and smell even better than those store-bought ones!What to expect:A personalized experience – this workshop is just for you!Dive into the fascinating world of essential oils – choose from over 21 unique scents.Learn how everyday brands use scents to make us do things (sneaky, huh?).Get guided by scent engineers to craft your own signature fragrance.Blend your creation into a beautiful 4oz coconut-soy candle to take home.What you'll learn:The basics of perfumes and essential oils – impress your friends with your new knowledge!How to build a fragrance from scratch, just like the pros.The power of scent and how it influences our senses.Special stuff:Your candle is made with a coconut-soy blend – a clean burn and a fantastic scent!This is a great experience for older kids (10+) and families who like to create together.Important Notes for Group Booking (> 30 pax)Your host's candle-making space can accommodate 30 pax at most. Group booking of more than 30 pax will be conducted at the client's space (office/ own hired venue).There'll be a transportation surcharge for group sizes of more than 20 pax ($215).
What You’ll be Doing
Learn to customize your own scented coco-soy candle!
Show Details
What’s Included
Customised candle (4oz)
Guidance from experienced scent designers
Photos and videos may be taken on the day for marketing purposes.
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Select Time for 22 Apr 2024
Additional Information
Where we'll meet
Start Point
Meet-up at 64 Boat Quay, Level 3 (049852) - yellow building(64 Boat Quay, Level 3 (049852) - yellow building)
  • Meet at selected timeslot
  • Notes: Workshop space is above gympod, up the wooden stairs to level 3.
End Point
  • End at Start Point(s)
Start & ends
Select your preferred date to see timings.
Suitability / Accessibility
  • Child Friendly (Recommended Age: 10+)
Cancellation & other policies
  • Cancellation
    Cancel 3 days before activity for a full refund
  • Extenuating Circumstances Policy
    In the event that one or more participants are tested positive (or suspected) for Covid-19, they are required to present a verification from MOH 24 hours prior to the trip. Customers can choose to reschedule the booking with no additional fee.
S$ 72/person
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Meet your host
Meet Bruce and his team – they're scent wizards with a playful twist. They believe fragrance can spark creativity, fun, and even bring back memories. They've helped people capture everything from childhood treats to exotic travels – even chili crab! Their workshops are a hands-on adventure into the fascinating world of scent. Come discover the magic!
Experience: 4 years
Speaks: Fluent English
Acceptance rate: 99%
Top Rated Host
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Helpful Questions

Can use skills future
Suzy, 02 Apr 2024
Hello Suzy, yes this will benefit you for your future :)
Hi! I am looking for a candle making workshop for my company teambuilding at our own location. We are looking at 11-12 pax. Could you please send me more information on the price per pax as well as any logistic fees involved? Look forward to hearing from you, thanks!
Seah Jasmine, 07 Aug 2023
Hi Jasmine, our price is arranged based on the total number of pax. For 10 pax, the price is SGD 700, and it's SGD 65 per pax for each additional person on top of the initial 10 pax. If you wish to hold the workshop at your venue, there will be a transportation fee of SGD 215 charged. Hope that helps.
Hi! I am looking for a candle making workshop for my company event at our own location. We are looking at 30-40 pax :) However, we have not yet decided on the time and date. Could you please send me more information on the price per pax as well as any logistic fees involved? Look forward to hearing from you, thanks!
Janelle , 05 Apr 2023
No Reply Yet.
Hi! I am interested in the "Private Coco-Soy Candle Making with Scent Engineer | Essential Oil Candles". May I know what are the timings available, or do i get to choose the timing? Thank you!
yk, 06 Mar 2023
Hi there, The timing slots for this workshop are 11:00AM - 12:30PM, 1:00PM - 2:30PM, 2:00PM - 3:30PM, 3:00PM - 4:30PM, 4:00PM - 5:30PM and 6:00PM - 7:30PM. If you're interested to book the workshop, we would suggest you to click on the date of the workshop and see the available time slots there :) Hope it helps.
Good day! I am looking for a candle making workshop for my company next Jan to Feb. Can I find more about the pricing of the workshop along with the additional charge if we were to have it in our own venue? Thank you!
Chua Syn Yu, 08 Dec 2022
Hello, We'll send you an email to follow up your query. Thank you
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